Naru Ráca & Roðinn Valdr

Roðinn Valdr looked out over the cobble stone market as the faint breeze of spring ruffled her coppery hair. The Heygeyokai Ahuron watched as workers unloaded the most recent supplies from Nova Gaia with a slight sneer on her pale skinned face.

They young warrior did not feel cut out for this kind of … mundane, work. It was a feeling growing with alarming familiarity, since the Clan Wolf warrior had been taken as Isoria by Khan Jubilynn Bastet, during the recent Trials following ilkhan Udgorn’s ascent to power. Having been taken from her native Fianna Tribe, the hot tempered warrior had impressed the Bastet Khan with her prowess and furious defense of crusaders claim on the Command Star of the 7th Fleet .


Having survived the trials Roðinn served as a Bondsman at Nova Gaia, while the Bastet Khan took stock of her abilities, loyalties and honor.  As both factions within the Protectorate raced to secure key worlds, a shortage of awakened Hengeyokai hampered both sides efforts as already thinly manned Senti were split up to garrison far flung worlds.

Khan Bastet was posed with this dilemma, when Gaia’nan Cassidhe Sionnach of Dokk Refurinn rediscovered the Nexus world of Naru Ráca. The seeds of Naru ráca’s discovery were laid years prior, with the Nova Gaia Sentai’s rescue mission to Sterling Prime.  Responding to a distress call, from a previously unknown world, the Nova Gaia Sentai sent teams of Rangers and Volunteers to the world, which was in the final stages of being overrun by the ravages of the Solanum Virus. Using the gate at the Harman’s Hope outpost, the Nova Gaia teams were able to travel to the world, secure its gate, and evacuate the few survivors.

Sterling Prime, proved to be home to an forerunner data facility, which the Sterling’s had recently discovered. Subsequent missions to the Wyrm tainted world, recovered a lost data base of far dialing gates, and the Slip-Nexus worlds they once resided upon.  This database, proved to be the starting point for a new era of exploration for the Clans of the Protectorate. Using the information gleamed from the SPDB, the Clans have been steadily reaching further into the ‘verse, rediscovering worlds lost to the ages.

The jewels of these explorations, have been the Nexus worlds themselves, with their superconducting Lunarite Cores these worlds often host large Slipgates or Gate Routers, serving as critical links to thousands of worlds beyond and between.  These newly recolonized worlds, such as Dokk Refurinn, have brought prosperity to the Clans who control them.  Since the contested rise of ilkhan Udgorn, the worlds have become prime targets of inter clan raids and Trials of Possession, when left poorly defended, or when unclaimed by a Hengeyokai Sentai.

Naru Ráca posed this exact risk, and opportunity to Khan Jubilynn.  Already overextended following her Khanate’s successes in the Trails immediately following the ilkan’s election. The Khan was unwilling to expose any of her established colonies or outposts to Crusader raids. Yet, Naru Ráca could not be kept a secret for long, it needed a defender, someone who would fight for it, who would defend it and not let it fall not only to Crusaders from within the clans, but, to greedy outlanders, or the Wyrm itself.

Having had time, to take full measure of her new Bondsman Roðinn Valdr her decision was clear, and much to the Wolf’s surprise, Naru Ráca was put into her care. Roðinn departed Nova Gaia, via Dokk Refurinn, collecting, along the way, a Sentai of Dryet consisting of many of her former pack, as well  as Dryet from many Clans, who were seeking a wyld home, far from the core of the Protectorate.

The Sentai, along with a contingent of Colonists, Rangers and support personnel from across the Botany Bay Khanate, have been busy making the distant world their home.

Naru Ráca  is a Minshara class world, at the very edge of the Cygnus Sector. Typical of worlds with a superconducting core such as Naquadha or Unobtanium, the Lunarite core of Naru Ráca  gives the system unique properties allowing the use of far dialing gates, and the movement of large slip-stream vessels over extra-galactic distances.  These attributes make the world a valuable trade and military asset.

Naru Ráca  itself, is tidal locked to its star, an ancient Y class Brown Dwarf has surface temperatures of only around 370°  Kelvin, the same as a warm summer day on a M class world.  Naru Ráca  generates much of its own heat, though its superconducting core, and orbits very close to its star Naru Ráca  Prime, that what little light its gets , bathes the world in perpetual twilight.  The star still produces strong solar winds as it interacts with the slip space around the system. Casting powerful Aura, and Electromagnetic energy throughout the system.

Naru Ráca  was first settled sometime late in the Grand explorations of the 5th age. With both the world, and its system, vastly changed over time, the once large facility had fallen into ruin by the time of Casidhe’s rediscovery.  What remains of the forerunner outpost, appear to be what the Clan’s colloquially refer to as ‘Hobbit Holes’, underground bunker like structures, often build as a first step in the colonization process.  While older ruins dot the planet, and lie around the current outposts position indicating a long period of inhabitance in the past, the presence of ‘Hobbit Holes’ indicates the builders of the 5th age did not have a long presence on the planet.

Naru Ráca , while tidal locked, is a temperate world.  With large forests and lush vegetation on the light side of the world able to support a full colony in the future. Naru Ráca’s superconducting core, houses an incomplete Gate Router, and a partially functional slip gate.  Both assets are under study by the Warden clans.  The world sits upon the entrance to a vast swath, of unexplored space giving access to galaxies yet unexplored by the inhabitants of the known ‘verse.

This new opportunity for exploration, has driven many of the Khanate’s most eager colonists and explorers to the world.  The Khanate has already seen to the Outposts basic needs, ensuring a proper garrison, and port facilities have been established. It is now up to the Outpost’s commander Roðinn Valdr, and the intrepid souls who have ventured to this new frontier to make, or break, the outposts future.


Change is in the Wind

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With a flash of energy, the slip gate opened, the raw, arcing energy of slip space giving way to a Navel Star in the familiar blue and black livery of the Hengeyokai’s Colonial Fleet.  Led by a trio of Skaði Class Cruisers including the Balance of Judgement,  the warships and their auxiliaries joined the normally stationed  RSS Renewed Valor’s Star, a yet unidentified Colonial Naval Taskforce and the Detached Cruiser Ageis Dawn to bring the total Naval presence in system to an unprecedented  10 Cruisers and their mixed  auxiliaries. 


Colonial Fleet Vessels crowd the Nwy Anchorage, the 10 Cruisers and some of their Axillaries in orbit around the gas giant Nwy Refurinn.

While the arrival of the warships has been the most visible movement of Colonial Assets but by far, not the least.  For the first time since their assignment to the Sector, the entire Fox’s Teeth Cluster is in system apparently refitting and reorganizing. The Ranger Cluster assigned for operations throughout Dokk Refurrin’s area of responsibility has been joined by several as of yet unidentified Nova’s and Supernova’s bearing the insignia of other Ranger units.

Similar reports have arrived from Nova Gaia, where the Kell Hounds Cluster has set up a temporary camp outside of the Botany Bay Colony and Merchantmen out of high-port report a marked uptick in military traffic.

While trade continues some merchants have observed that normal shipments from the Capricornus, Scorpius and Hydrus sectors of the Protectorate did not arrive as scheduled. While additional shipments arrived from the Aquarius, Draco and Cepheus sectors.  It is rumored that the disruption in usual trade routes, and the unusual movement of the Protectorate’s Touman are somehow linked.

The movements come on the days after the Quadrennial Grand Council Moot, where the ilKhan of the Clans is elected by vote or by Trial. Rumors have circulated that the succession to ilKhan Lucius Moonshadow, the first Nuwisha ilKhan in Modern History, and a staunch Warden to have been hard fought in a series of Trials involving both Sentai and Elements of the Rangers and Colonial Fleets. 

Normally, such combat Trials, are bid down to much smaller forces though the process of bidding and Zelbrigen, a strict honor system and encapsulated rules to settle such disagreements and prevent unnecessary bloodshed and loss of combat forces.  The condition of the Balance of Judgement, and reports of evidence of recent combat with the returning Sentai of the Khanate, seem to support the reports of a heavily contested Trial.


Newly Elected ilKhan Donegal Udgorn, arriving on the Protectorate world of Glorm during the Crusader’s pre-trials.

Sources on Fenris, the current capital of the Protectorate, report the new ilKhan to be Donegal Udgorn, Khan of the Shadow Lord Tribe, of Clan Wolf, a vocal and charismatic Crusader. ilKhan Udgorn has pledged to reverse the current Warden polices of Protect and Nurture, and allow the Khanates to launch Military action, as well as other aggressive expansionist  policies to secure new worlds and markets for the Hengeyokai.  The Crusaders also seek to weaken the protections of non-native peoples living within the Protectorate and its colonies, a policy vigorously opposed by the Wardens.

The victory of ilKhan Udgorn comes as a surprise to many who watch politics in the Protectorate. Raising through the Warden Faction though the series of Pre-Trials, Udgorn eliminated or routed a wide field of challengers in his unexpected rise.  The defeated of his main challenger, Khan Herfrid  Kolndin of the Wolves’ venerable Silver Fang Tribe was not predicted. While Khan Kolndin was an unpopular choice as a leader, she hailed from a long line of Silver Fang Khans, and was considered and easy choice after ilKhan Moonshadow. 


Khan Herfrid Kolndin of the Wardens, in the fleet command center during the Navel Trial above the Protectorate capital, Fenris. While the Warden faction would go to win this trial, it was not enough to defeat the Crusader’s challenger for the seat of ilKhan.

Insiders believe simmering discontent within the Clans at the Nuwisha’s election to two terms in power following the Events at the Battle of Botany Bay fueled the turn of support with some Warden Khanates declaring of the new Crusader ilKhan at the Grand Moot, seeking greater opportunities to consolidate power within the Protectorate, while gaining the ilKhan’s blessing, and material support from the Protectorate for more aggressive expansion and exploitation of both aligned and non-aligned systems as well.

How various Warden and Crusader Clans and Khanates support, or oppose these promised measures remains to be seen, but if the current disruptions to trade, and repositioning of the Protectorates Touman is any indication, it appears the Warden Faction within the Protectorate is prepared to defend their right to not carry out discretionary policies of the new ilKhan.   

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Autumn Respite

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The busy trading days of Summer have lead to a pleasurable Respite for the Colony. While there is little variation in the climate at Dokk Refurinn due to the planet’s tidal lock, the Colonists are nevertheless enjoying the crisp spirit of the fall.



Gaian’n Casidhe Hosts one of Many Dinners with family and friends often including Farrah Zufreur in attendance.


Many in the Administration have taken the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Gaian’n Casidhe Sionnach has lead by example in this regard, hosting several quiet impromptu dinners and afternoon teas, often inviting new colonists and travelers to join her, and her family.



Gaian’n Cassi spending time greeting and assisting travelers.


The peaceful quiet is the result of the profitable trading, and strong security provided by the Hengeyokai throughout the Protectorate and beyond.  The Tirade of commerce, martial strength and diplomacy has provided a climate where colonists and visitors are able to enjoy a quiet life pursuing the arts and knowledge.



Mara and Takoda of the Star Witch Join Cassi, Jayce and other colonists enjoying a quite friendly evening at LunaBar.


Colonial Engineers have been busy as well, using the quiet months to conduct maintenance on the Colony’s structures and systems. With the help of VIXEN, the Colony’s AI, the teams have removed much of the temporary structures added since the colony’s rediscovery and returned the structure to its earlier configuration.



Overview of Engineering improvements showing the new angular configuration of the Colony’s outer walls.


As fall progresses into winter, a busy social time comes to the Protectorate worlds. The colony is hosting a Fall Harvest Day, centered on family friendly activities. Following the next weekend by the Annual Samhain Costume Ball.  These events kick off a busy season of Moots and social events which include Samhain, Harvest Feast,  Mōdraniht Moot, Yule, and the Winter Gala Ball.

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Power though Peace & Prosperity

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While strife and war continues to fester throughout much of the ‘verse the Protectorate continues to project its power though peaceful exploration, trade and commerce.

Under the direction of Khan Jubilynn Bastet, the Colony at Dokk Refurinn has been actively conducting trade missions and negotiations throughout the sector.  Led by Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach, the Colony’s administrator, both the administration, and colonists have visited new worlds, and opened new markets to Hengeyokai based traders.


Casidhee leads a Trade Mission to Dullahan Station. Several residents and crew sample the provisions provided while a ranger detachment keeps a watchful eye.

Continuing the Trade conferences from the spring, Cassi has taken a more active role in coordinating trade though the various systems in the region. Often working as the Protectorate’s Ambassador, Casidhe has visited dozens of worlds, and personally led several trade missions and negations.


The continued abundance of the highest quality foods, seeds, and breeding stock continue to be the focus of the current trade agreements.  With many of the systems in the local sector lacking in basic foodstuffs, or stable, heirloom seed or breeding stock, the Hengeyokai traders and colonies are finding a need for the Protectorate’s bounty.


Cassi and Jamie entertain a Klingon Trade delegation in Luna Bar after touring the market. A trade agreement for fresh meats and other provisions was made with the Klingon Commander after Cassi visited their vessels to complete vigorous negations.


Harvest and transport of the trading goods, is being coordinated by GaiaGen, the Protectorate’s state corporation, in conjunction with many local growers and traders from the rim colonies.


Drexia takes advantage of a traveling vendor to try some ethnic soups and noodles during a recent visit to the Colony’s market.


While the new focus on commerce has been profitable in its own right, many believe the true value of the renewed outreach is the continued projection of the Protectorate’s power though commerce. The fair and reasonable trade agreements, have led to new friendships, partnerships and allies for the Hengeyokai and their colonists.

Far ranging Ranger Stars, and Colonial Fleet vessels have been seen utilizing these new routes of free passage, or friendly ports during ongoing operations.


Crew member Aya of the MV Star Witch escorts a newly arrived sentient droid around the Colony.


Though out the summer, local crews have taken advantage of the influx of new visitors, and access to new ports as well. Merchant vessels such as the Star Witch , and the Rim Star report a prosperous season.


Being an Ambassador often requires a lot of travel. Here Gaia’nan Casidhe has some time to ponder aboard a shuttle on the way to the Battlestar Clifford.


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Summer Update

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They say, no news, is good news and that is what comes out of the Protectorate Colony at Dokk Refurinn these days.  The colony has had a quiet, prosperous spring and early summer. Hosting several well attended trade meetings, the Colony has seen a steady rise in traders visiting to trade their goods. Coming in ships, and though the several Astra Portia,  the brisk trade has been a steady source of business for the colonists and the Administration.

Spring Trade Visits 1

Trade Conferences hosted in April and May on the Colony’s Veranda Deck


The traffic has been a boon to most, but not all colonist have been able to take advantage of the bounty. While several new ships have called to port in the last few months, two long time fixtures of the skies above Dokk Refurinn has moved on.  Due to finical hardships, Interspace Freight was forced to close their station. The company has vowed to return if their fortunes allow it. Also, the explorer vessel MV  Ratiasharya completed her explorations in the sector, and departed to continue her voyage. The ship’s master Professor Julia V. Sheehan, continues to visit the Colony as time allows.

Other outfits and vessels have come and gone, as the natural flow of traffic brings people to and fro the Colony. Blackwing Yard and Station Black both closed their stations, with Blackwing focusing on its mercenary contracts in the dezgra Mu Draconis system . The Capellan’s from Station Black, continue their diplomatic efforts despite the closure of the large station.  The Red Talons have returned to the system, with a boat docked at Highport. Their vessel is joined by several other new arrivals both at highport and scattered over the orbital docking zone.

Hard Knocks visit

Gaia’nan Casidhe played host to multiple visits form the Hard Knocks School


The increase in trade, has opened other opportunities for cultural exchange. After first contact with the world of Hard Knocks, Gaia’nan Casidhe hosted a series visits from Younglings from the world.  Using the recently reactivated Gate on Hard Knocks, the trip to the Protectorate was the first off world excursion for the students and their care takers. The visits offered the opportunity to teach the students about the ‘verse beyond their home world and the Protectorates place in it.

Diplomacy has taken the Gaia’nan and other Hengeyokai off world as well.  Keeping a busy schedule, despite relative quiet of the last few months the local Sentai has been active on many worlds. Often visiting as diplomats or trade representatives of the Protectorate Casidhe and Eli’shandra often spend several hours a day traveling the ‘verse.

Diplomacy Spring 1

Gaia’nan Casidhe visits Companion houses during Wo’Men Dakai and Fire Ceremonies as part of the Diplomatic outreach.


The Colony’s Touman has been active as well. While the quiet days at the Colony would seem to indicate otherwise, Colonial Fleet and the Rangers have been active across dozens of worlds in support of the Protectorate’s interests in the sector. These military forces are often joined by members of the Sentai, resulting in missions dubbed ‘Diplomacy by the Sword’.


Colonial Fleet Skaoi Class warships in route to deliver a Ranger Cluster to an undisclosed world. The Skaoi class is a derivative of the venerable Artemis hull form, fitted out in the Protectorate yards and capable of carrying a Binary of Colonial Rangers.

Closer to home, Colonists are reaping the benefits of quiet, stable colony life.  Erich and Claudine Zefeur have settled into a cottage near the main outpost, to raise their daughter  Farrah. While newly arrived colonist Yasmin is organizing an effort to rid some a near by system’s asteroids of dangerous Xenomorphs.


As the dog days of summer approach, it will be interesting to see if the quiet pace of life at the colony continues, or if things become less predictable, and more ‘exciting’.

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Spring Trading

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Spring has seen a noticeable increase in trade and mercantile traffic in the skies above the Colony of Dokk Refurinn. At the behest of the Merchant Guild, Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach has spent much of her off world time meeting with Traders, Government and Businesses throughout the ‘verse.

Snapshot_018 (2)

Gaia’nan Sionnach attends a trade conference on the world of Yavin IV.

These meetings and conferences have increased the already robust trade passing though the Dok Refurinn system, and he Botany Bay Khanate as a whole. The increased traffic has also allowed local based crews such as the Star Witch, and recently arrived Star Filly new business opportunities.

Snapshot_001 (7)

Locals mix with the crew of the Star Filly in Luna Bar

Snapshot_009 (3)

The Star Filly at visiting High Port to off load some cargo before heading to her private docking bay.


Snapshot_001 (12)

The crew embarked aboard the Star Witch discuss ship operations in the Witches’ mess.

With the increased traffic, many new faces have been seen in the Colony.  With outlanders, come outlander problems. As is their policy and custom, the Administration often lets the outlanders solve their own issues, as long as it does not effect the colony or its other visitors.

Snapshot_006 (7)

Colonists and Outlanders waiting to be served by Gordon in The Mess


Snapshot_012 (6)

Some Outlanders settling a dispute between them at the old bridge.

2516 Winter Gala

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As previously reported the Colony at Dokk Refurinn hosted their annual Winter Gala last Sunday the 28th Day of 2516.

The event was well attended by many of the colonists as well as traders, explorers and travelers who make regular port of call in the system.


The varied guest joined the Hengeyokai Sentai celebrating the formal social event with drinks, dancing, and some spirited conversation.

Kirk WIngtips_002

The guests where joined by the local Dyret Wolf pack, who were encouraged to observe the event to become better acquainted with the worlds homid and humanoid visitors. The pack kept to the edges of the ballroom, which was once again assembled at the Colony’s Amphitheater.


Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach spent the evening as a gracious host to the Colony’s visitors, a duty she shared with the Sentai’s Ahroun, Elishandra Raicheach.  The pleasant, social atmosphere of the event was ensured by a visible security presence, with both SecFor and the Colony’s Ranger contingents making their presence known.  It is speculated that this overt security posture is a visual deterrent from the type of disruptive appearances that have plagued social events on other worlds in recent months.

Kirk WIngtips_004

The Colony’s next social event, is the Spring Equinox at the Ostara Moot, one of he Sentai’s seasonal gatherings. Held at the Sentai’s Cearn, the Moots are a nod to the old ways and fill a social and historical role for the Hengeyokai.

A Full Gallery of the Evenings Photos can be found:


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Winter Gala 2516 Invite

You are Cordially invited to Join Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach at the Dokk Refruinn Colony’s winter Gala.

The Winter Gala is one of the ongoing social and cultural commitments the colony hosts regularly. Held in the deep grip of ‘winter’, or February on the Pan-G Calendar. The formal dance is a symbol of the colony’s ability to weather the long dark nights of history.

WInter Gala Invite 2016

The Gala is regularly attended by diplomats and envoys from many worlds and factions as well as colonists and travelers of all sorts. For several years the Colony at Dokk Refurinn has hosted the formal event.. The Colonies and Outposts of the Khanate have been directed by Khan Jubilynn Bastet to hold the yearly event in addition to the traditional Hengeyokai cultural holidays of the old calendar.

With celebrations being held throughout the khanate as well as at the Khanate’s at Botany Bay, attendance at the outlaying events is expected to be low. Gai’nan Casidhe Sionnach, the Outpost’s Leader seemed unconcerned saying, “The  Mōdraniht Moot on the Winter Solstice went very well, while perhaps not up to the crowded standards of some core worlds, the Sentai would prefer to host for quality visitors, rather than a quantity of them.”

Invitees are expected to attend in formal dress, appropriate for the wintry conditions which have marked previous Winter Gala’s on other worlds of the Hengeyokai Protectorate.

The event is scheduled for:
Sunday 28 February, 2516
6:00 – 8:00 PM SLT
@ The Dokk Refurinn Colony
(Botany Bay Sim)

Photos of 2014 Gala

Photos of 2513  Gala

Photos of 2512′s Gala:

Those attending with special needs or requests should contact Colonial Administration prior to arrival.

Winter Update – 2516

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Life aboard the colony has been busy for Colonists and visitors throughout the often busy Late fall and early Winter months.   Fleet’s arrival and the increased traffic at the expanded highport has brought many new travelers to Dokk Refurinn.

Snapshot_001 (7)

Colonists and the Administration greet some off world guests at the Gates.


Traders and Explorers seeking new worlds and markets have kept both docking rings full from October though January, with few empty airlocks for visiting vessels.

The new Colony’s social scene has also been hopping, with visitors enjoying the many holidays, social and cultural events held over the last several months.  The annual Samhain costume ball was well attended with crews from many allied worlds joining the local colonists in celebrating the traditional holiday.


Colonists and Guests enjoy the Samhain Ball Oct 31, 2515

More Photos of the Samhain Ball: HERE

The Sentai once again welcomed outlanders into the Cearn for he Traditional Moot, and celebration of Mōdraniht, or the winter solstice.  The Moot was attended by many Dryet, members of the local Sentai and their Kin, with the Gaia’nan welcoming the youngest members of the local Wolf Pack, and Fox Skulk into the Protectorate.

Snapshot_014 (7).png

Gaia’nan Casidhe and Ahourn Elishandra Attend to the Fox and Wolf Kin attending the Modraniht Moot as the Cubs and Kits receive the Gaia’s blessing.

More Photos of the Mōdraniht Moot :  HERE

The Dryets were not the only colonists to welcome younglings to the colony. With all the Trading, Exploring and occasional conflicts its easy to over look some of the other wonders of life in the deep black. Something Administrator Casidhe was reminded of recently, while attending to the birth of Farrah Zufreur to her Parents Claudine and Erich Zufreur.

Snapshot_008 (13).png

Dr Sionnach presents Farrah to her Parents Provisional Ranger Commander Erich Zufreur and his Wife Claudine.

More Photos of Farrah’s Birth: Here

Gaia’nan  Casidhe  continues to wear many hats, retuning to her roots as a Medical Doctor,  Dr. Sionnach could be found picking up several shifts in the Colony’s clinic, aiding the Medical staff and seeing many of the refugees and less fortunate travelers who arrived at the colony. This additional work was fit in around her regular duties as the Colony’s administrator, leader of the Ranger detachment and expeditionary forces, diplomat, and leader of the Hengeyokai Sentai.


Kappin Dreki welcomes Kinfolk, Drex, from the Nexan race to Dokk Refurinn. Clan Dragon has been especially busy welcoming kin to the Colony in the last few months.


The Sentai continues to welcome lost kin to the Colony,  with several suspected Kin races arriving at the Colony to join pack Weylen and the other Kinfolk who call the Colony home.

Snapshot_006 (17)

A Corsair fighter from the Rangers CAP approaches the Blackwing  yard and station while on routine patrol.

The Colony’s stability and prosperity  continues to draw colonist from less prosperous or more strife filled worlds. Such recent arrivals including Blackwing Engineering, a tactical engineering outfit, with an orbital yard and manufacturing facility near Highport.

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