Autumn Respite

<<…. Begin Transmission >>

The busy trading days of Summer have lead to a pleasurable Respite for the Colony. While there is little variation in the climate at Dokk Refurinn due to the planet’s tidal lock, the Colonists are nevertheless enjoying the crisp spirit of the fall.



Gaian’n Casidhe Hosts one of Many Dinners with family and friends often including Farrah Zufreur in attendance.


Many in the Administration have taken the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Gaian’n Casidhe Sionnach has lead by example in this regard, hosting several quiet impromptu dinners and afternoon teas, often inviting new colonists and travelers to join her, and her family.



Gaian’n Cassi spending time greeting and assisting travelers.


The peaceful quiet is the result of the profitable trading, and strong security provided by the Hengeyokai throughout the Protectorate and beyond.  The Tirade of commerce, martial strength and diplomacy has provided a climate where colonists and visitors are able to enjoy a quiet life pursuing the arts and knowledge.



Mara and Takoda of the Star Witch Join Cassi, Jayce and other colonists enjoying a quite friendly evening at LunaBar.


Colonial Engineers have been busy as well, using the quiet months to conduct maintenance on the Colony’s structures and systems. With the help of VIXEN, the Colony’s AI, the teams have removed much of the temporary structures added since the colony’s rediscovery and returned the structure to its earlier configuration.



Overview of Engineering improvements showing the new angular configuration of the Colony’s outer walls.


As fall progresses into winter, a busy social time comes to the Protectorate worlds. The colony is hosting a Fall Harvest Day, centered on family friendly activities. Following the next weekend by the Annual Samhain Costume Ball.  These events kick off a busy season of Moots and social events which include Samhain, Harvest Feast,  Mōdraniht Moot, Yule, and the Winter Gala Ball.

<< Nothing Follows>>


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