Departed Stations & Ships

The Orbit above Dokk Refurinn is a fluid place with stations and vessels coming and going on a daily basis. Some crews only stay a few days to a week, others spend months or years based high above the Hengeyokai outpost.

Below is a partial list of some of these departed visitors:

Qynn Pike Station
Coordinates: 53-44-934

Qynn Pike Station_001
A Small Pike G2 Class Station home to Mr Qunn.  The Station is a private residence and is not on the Transport network.

Deneb Transfer Station
Coordinates: 105-39-2228

Deneb Transfer Station work 1
A large transfer station home to ‘Red Shift’ Bar and affiliated docking stations for Tesla Corp.

Sylvane Outpost Station SIB-64295
Coordinates: 139-136-2524

A commercial station build around the robust BBI hull syste. SIB-64295 is captained by Susor Khun.

Solotude Class
Coordinates: 212-217-2106

A Niknov class station home to construct TDD123. The station is located just off of Highport and is home to a medical and cryogenic facility. This station replaced an earlier Solitude class.

Nemis Station
Coordinates: 86-64-1109
Forseti Class

Nemis Station 2
A small black market trading station run by Pirate Nemis Xue. The station welcomes visitors, who often find themselves the guest of Capitan Nemis herself.


Helleborealis III
Coordinates: 133-122-2001
Nebula-class Support Frigate

Helleborealis III

This heavilly modified small frigate probes, provides reconnaissance and lays down covering fire as part of a carrier group, but also gather ore, ship’s jinks, and carry diverse goods between planets or space stations.
It may team up as a ‘wolf pack’ to bring down an enemy’s shield so that a larger ship may administer a coup de grace, but this one is well armed and is not to be taken lightly.
Designed for a small crew on a medium-duration voyage, the Nebula, and Artemis-class Durative, Support Frigate is commonly found in small groups supporting battlecarriers.

The ship is an inheritance her Captain, Frostred, gain when she was born. not from her familly, but from an ancient civilisation, now disappeared. Ship’s AI, named Bleizdu, use a sort of hologram to achieves daily tasks, and interact with surrounding.

Red Talon Station
Coordinates: 148-111-3163

Red Talon Station

Sharing the name of a A Dragonash Pirate Class Vessel, The Red Talon is Commanded by Hae Lee (Captain/Owner). The Station is a build from commercial modules from several manufacturers, and seems to support designed as a support base for other starships such as the Pirate Class Red Talon. red Talon boosted to a new orbit and became part of the XMC Hypatia orbital complex in late Dec 2514.

XMC Hypatia
Coordinates: 69-20-2420

XMC Hypatia Orbital Complex showing the Callisto Class station slightly behind and below the larger Isis Brevis Class which comprise the complex.

THe XMC Hypatia Orbital Complex consist of the Callisto Class Red Talon and Isis Brevis Class Hypatia stations. The pair of stations orbit in close proximity and serve as XMC’s and the Red Talon Worker’s Guild base of operations in the Cygnus Sector of the Protectorate. Both the XMC and RTW are new to Hengeyokai space but see and excellent opportunity in setting up a base of operations there.  While the XMC continues to provide medical care and research aboard their station, Red Talon provides entertainment and other undisclosed services.

XMC and the Hypatia departed orbit I late Feb 2015 after a rumored out falling with the administration.

Aurora Outpost
Callisto Class Station
Coordinates 222-198-3200

Aurora Outpost

Aurora Outpost is the base of operations for a small Privateering crew headed by Kyiel and Belca Laviscu. The station is orbiting in the Dokk Refurinn System above one of the several gas giants outside of the habitable  zone.  The station servers as a base of operations and home base for the pair and their armed small craft.

Takeda Interstellar Technologies 
Coordinates 21-207-2742

Takeda Interrstellar Technologies

A modular station run by Takeda Interstellar Technologies (T.I.T) the station serves as the home and research facility for TIT founder  Kibòu 希望武田 Takéda and her crew of female followers. TIT is often closed to visitors with few strangers being invited past the landing area by the station’s crew.

ICS Serendipity
Firefly MK II Class
Coordinates 36-136-3064


Independent Courier ship, Serendipity, a Firefly Mk II class freighter variant, arrives at botany bay for some downtime, repairs and to prep the ship for more time in the black.

The ship, and its captain Simon Osei have been out across the verse and back several times, just going where the jobs are. Time and entropy have caught up with the ship and crew and they are  hoping that a stay at the famous Botany Bay will give the crew  the down time they need to recharge.

Repairs were completed in several weeks and the vessel departed to its orginal destination in the Alliance.

The Devian Blue
Coordinates: 133-122-2001

The Devian Blue 1

Merchant Trader, departed in January 2515 for an extended trade run of the outer systems.

CSS Diana
Coordinates: 017-157-2709

CSS Diana

A Hercules Class Cargo Ship hailing from Republic Space. The CSS Diana Shares a docking sphere with an unknown Orion Class Smuggler.

The Federation ((SWRP))  DIANA is listed as a transport / Cargo, and is covertly used by the Bene Jen’Serrai, the hidden Twilek Coven of Force Users, channeling their beliefs in Kika Lekki, and The Force, into a naturalistic, holistic religion, bent on protecting and forwarding Ryloth interests and Twi’Lek people and culture.

The ship has been used by Yavin Dignitaries and Consulars, envoys to Ryloth, for meetings and traveling to Ryloth, or other Ambassador conferences. It’s Mission Complete,  The Vessel Departed Dokk Refurinn after a 2 month stay in January 2515.

XMC Asclepius
Coordinates: 121-109-1350

XMC Asclepius

XMC Asclepius was recalled to Shinon, its presence replaced by the much larger XMC Hypatia orbital Complex. XMC Asclepius was a new addition to the Xenogenic Medical Corporations fleet of ships.  Captained by Dr Irissa Lee the ship had been dispatched to Dokk Refurinn partly to try to keep an eye on her Sisters vessel the Red Talon. While at Dokk Refurinn XMC Asclepius provided medical assistance.

Recently the Xenogenic Medical Corporation was turned over to Dr Lee after her Father was implicated in multiple serious crimes.  Her Father has disappeared and is in hiding.  Dr Lee prefers to work in the field and travel so she has turned the management over to a council of trusted advisers,

Solotude Class
Coordinates: 212-217-2106

TDD123 Station work 1
A Solotude class station home to construct TDD123. The station was located just off of Highport and is home to a medical and cryogenic facility. It has been replaced by a Niknov Station in the same orbit.

Red Talon
Coordinates: 148-111-3163

Red Talon

A Dragonash Pirate Class Vessel, The Red Talon is Commanded by Hae Lee (Captain/Owner). A support ship under contracted with Xenogenic Medical Corporation, serving as an  Escort  for the XMC Threnody which has been called back to Shinon.   Previously used to investigate new planets and to prepare them for the XMC Threnody’s arrival. Since the Threnody’s recall,  the reason for the arrival of the Red Talon at Dokk Refruinn is unknown. The ship still makes port, but its presence has been replaced with a Station bearing the same name.

Darkfold Station 
Baiame Class
Coordinates: 132-96-1640

Darkfold Station work 1
Home to the Darkfold Clan.

Last Light Station
Arrival: May 2514
Departure: November 2514

Last Light Station work 1

A Large Isis Brevis class station, Last Light was s home to a band of Space Orks.  Led by Clan Leader, Capitan Cazic the Orks make a living though raiding worlds far beyond the Protectorate and trading in goods found on the ‘grey’ market. Last Light hosted regular fight nights as well as other entertainments.

The station was abandoned and towed to a new world when the Nomadic band of Orcs moved on in search of new space to raid and explore.

HDF Destiny

HDF Destiny with CMD Kyle and LT CMD Maggie

HDF Destiny with CMD Kyle and LT CMD Maggie

A former Al’teran exploration vessel, salvaged and commanded by the Home Defense Force, the HDF Destiny is commanded by HDF Commander Kyle Inniatzo. The Destiny’s mission has been stated to be one of Exploration and discovery, an unlikely mission profile, given Home’s rather xenophobic foreign policy.  HDF Destiny currently occupies a solo orbit at 125 mark 125 mark 3126.

Void Hunter
A privately owned Artemis Class Support Frigate, previously registered as the Void Hunter, the vessel is currently docked at HighPort for an extended stay. Helmed by Captain Darnell Core, who refuses to register the ships current name with Port Authority, the vessel, humorously referred to as the SS John Doe by Aerospace Controllers, appears to be a utilized as an armed merchantman. Captain Darnell gives no reasoning for his unusual secrecy, and many observers believe that the John Doe’s Captain may be a bit paranoid or come from a very reclusive society. Given that the even the HDF shares the names of their vessels with controllers, this is a new level of exclusion for the outpost’s staff.

Valentine Station was also deorbited recently. While a large station Valentine saw limited traffic with the surface and served as a private residence and trading station for several small allied trading interests. The owners cited economic factors and cash flow issues as the reason for the station’s closure, and look forward to boosting a smaller, more sustainable station in the near future.

Fenris Shipyards
 A long time orbiter under the command of the salvager Captain Jaegen Fenris was packed up and transported off world. The yards catered to merchant and civilian vessels passing though the system, as well as serving as the local headquarters for Fenris Salvage.  Visiting vessles can still find repair and yard services from Highport, as well as several smaller orbiting stations throughout the Cygnus 351 system.

MSV Beowulf


MSV Beowulf shown during previous salvage mission of teh MSV Icarus. THe crew had repeated encounters with hostile xenomorphs, which ultimately lead to the vessles loss in October of 2512.

An armed salvage cruiser the MSV Beowulf was owned by Ganptian Jaegen Fenris and made port at Fenris Shipyards. The Beowulf was lost during salvage operations in an undisclosed star system in October of 2512


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