Winter Gala 2516 Invite

You are Cordially invited to Join Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach at the Dokk Refruinn Colony’s winter Gala.

The Winter Gala is one of the ongoing social and cultural commitments the colony hosts regularly. Held in the deep grip of ‘winter’, or February on the Pan-G Calendar. The formal dance is a symbol of the colony’s ability to weather the long dark nights of history.

WInter Gala Invite 2016

The Gala is regularly attended by diplomats and envoys from many worlds and factions as well as colonists and travelers of all sorts. For several years the Colony at Dokk Refurinn has hosted the formal event.. The Colonies and Outposts of the Khanate have been directed by Khan Jubilynn Bastet to hold the yearly event in addition to the traditional Hengeyokai cultural holidays of the old calendar.

With celebrations being held throughout the khanate as well as at the Khanate’s at Botany Bay, attendance at the outlaying events is expected to be low. Gai’nan Casidhe Sionnach, the Outpost’s Leader seemed unconcerned saying, “The  Mōdraniht Moot on the Winter Solstice went very well, while perhaps not up to the crowded standards of some core worlds, the Sentai would prefer to host for quality visitors, rather than a quantity of them.”

Invitees are expected to attend in formal dress, appropriate for the wintry conditions which have marked previous Winter Gala’s on other worlds of the Hengeyokai Protectorate.

The event is scheduled for:
Sunday 28 February, 2516
6:00 – 8:00 PM SLT
@ The Dokk Refurinn Colony
(Botany Bay Sim)

Photos of 2014 Gala

Photos of 2513  Gala

Photos of 2512′s Gala:

Those attending with special needs or requests should contact Colonial Administration prior to arrival.


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