2516 Winter Gala

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As previously reported the Colony at Dokk Refurinn hosted their annual Winter Gala last Sunday the 28th Day of 2516.

The event was well attended by many of the colonists as well as traders, explorers and travelers who make regular port of call in the system.


The varied guest joined the Hengeyokai Sentai celebrating the formal social event with drinks, dancing, and some spirited conversation.

Kirk WIngtips_002

The guests where joined by the local Dyret Wolf pack, who were encouraged to observe the event to become better acquainted with the worlds homid and humanoid visitors. The pack kept to the edges of the ballroom, which was once again assembled at the Colony’s Amphitheater.


Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach spent the evening as a gracious host to the Colony’s visitors, a duty she shared with the Sentai’s Ahroun, Elishandra Raicheach.  The pleasant, social atmosphere of the event was ensured by a visible security presence, with both SecFor and the Colony’s Ranger contingents making their presence known.  It is speculated that this overt security posture is a visual deterrent from the type of disruptive appearances that have plagued social events on other worlds in recent months.

Kirk WIngtips_004

The Colony’s next social event, is the Spring Equinox at the Ostara Moot, one of he Sentai’s seasonal gatherings. Held at the Sentai’s Cearn, the Moots are a nod to the old ways and fill a social and historical role for the Hengeyokai.

A Full Gallery of the Evenings Photos can be found:


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