Winter Update – 2516

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Life aboard the colony has been busy for Colonists and visitors throughout the often busy Late fall and early Winter months.   Fleet’s arrival and the increased traffic at the expanded highport has brought many new travelers to Dokk Refurinn.

Snapshot_001 (7)

Colonists and the Administration greet some off world guests at the Gates.


Traders and Explorers seeking new worlds and markets have kept both docking rings full from October though January, with few empty airlocks for visiting vessels.

The new Colony’s social scene has also been hopping, with visitors enjoying the many holidays, social and cultural events held over the last several months.  The annual Samhain costume ball was well attended with crews from many allied worlds joining the local colonists in celebrating the traditional holiday.


Colonists and Guests enjoy the Samhain Ball Oct 31, 2515

More Photos of the Samhain Ball: HERE

The Sentai once again welcomed outlanders into the Cearn for he Traditional Moot, and celebration of Mōdraniht, or the winter solstice.  The Moot was attended by many Dryet, members of the local Sentai and their Kin, with the Gaia’nan welcoming the youngest members of the local Wolf Pack, and Fox Skulk into the Protectorate.

Snapshot_014 (7).png

Gaia’nan Casidhe and Ahourn Elishandra Attend to the Fox and Wolf Kin attending the Modraniht Moot as the Cubs and Kits receive the Gaia’s blessing.

More Photos of the Mōdraniht Moot :  HERE

The Dryets were not the only colonists to welcome younglings to the colony. With all the Trading, Exploring and occasional conflicts its easy to over look some of the other wonders of life in the deep black. Something Administrator Casidhe was reminded of recently, while attending to the birth of Farrah Zufreur to her Parents Claudine and Erich Zufreur.

Snapshot_008 (13).png

Dr Sionnach presents Farrah to her Parents Provisional Ranger Commander Erich Zufreur and his Wife Claudine.

More Photos of Farrah’s Birth: Here

Gaia’nan  Casidhe  continues to wear many hats, retuning to her roots as a Medical Doctor,  Dr. Sionnach could be found picking up several shifts in the Colony’s clinic, aiding the Medical staff and seeing many of the refugees and less fortunate travelers who arrived at the colony. This additional work was fit in around her regular duties as the Colony’s administrator, leader of the Ranger detachment and expeditionary forces, diplomat, and leader of the Hengeyokai Sentai.


Kappin Dreki welcomes Kinfolk, Drex, from the Nexan race to Dokk Refurinn. Clan Dragon has been especially busy welcoming kin to the Colony in the last few months.


The Sentai continues to welcome lost kin to the Colony,  with several suspected Kin races arriving at the Colony to join pack Weylen and the other Kinfolk who call the Colony home.

Snapshot_006 (17)

A Corsair fighter from the Rangers CAP approaches the Blackwing  yard and station while on routine patrol.

The Colony’s stability and prosperity  continues to draw colonist from less prosperous or more strife filled worlds. Such recent arrivals including Blackwing Engineering, a tactical engineering outfit, with an orbital yard and manufacturing facility near Highport.

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