Change is in the Wind

<< Begin Transmission>>

With a flash of energy, the slip gate opened, the raw, arcing energy of slip space giving way to a Navel Star in the familiar blue and black livery of the Hengeyokai’s Colonial Fleet.  Led by a trio of Skaði Class Cruisers including the Balance of Judgement,  the warships and their auxiliaries joined the normally stationed  RSS Renewed Valor’s Star, a yet unidentified Colonial Naval Taskforce and the Detached Cruiser Ageis Dawn to bring the total Naval presence in system to an unprecedented  10 Cruisers and their mixed  auxiliaries. 


Colonial Fleet Vessels crowd the Nwy Anchorage, the 10 Cruisers and some of their Axillaries in orbit around the gas giant Nwy Refurinn.

While the arrival of the warships has been the most visible movement of Colonial Assets but by far, not the least.  For the first time since their assignment to the Sector, the entire Fox’s Teeth Cluster is in system apparently refitting and reorganizing. The Ranger Cluster assigned for operations throughout Dokk Refurrin’s area of responsibility has been joined by several as of yet unidentified Nova’s and Supernova’s bearing the insignia of other Ranger units.

Similar reports have arrived from Nova Gaia, where the Kell Hounds Cluster has set up a temporary camp outside of the Botany Bay Colony and Merchantmen out of high-port report a marked uptick in military traffic.

While trade continues some merchants have observed that normal shipments from the Capricornus, Scorpius and Hydrus sectors of the Protectorate did not arrive as scheduled. While additional shipments arrived from the Aquarius, Draco and Cepheus sectors.  It is rumored that the disruption in usual trade routes, and the unusual movement of the Protectorate’s Touman are somehow linked.

The movements come on the days after the Quadrennial Grand Council Moot, where the ilKhan of the Clans is elected by vote or by Trial. Rumors have circulated that the succession to ilKhan Lucius Moonshadow, the first Nuwisha ilKhan in Modern History, and a staunch Warden to have been hard fought in a series of Trials involving both Sentai and Elements of the Rangers and Colonial Fleets. 

Normally, such combat Trials, are bid down to much smaller forces though the process of bidding and Zelbrigen, a strict honor system and encapsulated rules to settle such disagreements and prevent unnecessary bloodshed and loss of combat forces.  The condition of the Balance of Judgement, and reports of evidence of recent combat with the returning Sentai of the Khanate, seem to support the reports of a heavily contested Trial.


Newly Elected ilKhan Donegal Udgorn, arriving on the Protectorate world of Glorm during the Crusader’s pre-trials.

Sources on Fenris, the current capital of the Protectorate, report the new ilKhan to be Donegal Udgorn, Khan of the Shadow Lord Tribe, of Clan Wolf, a vocal and charismatic Crusader. ilKhan Udgorn has pledged to reverse the current Warden polices of Protect and Nurture, and allow the Khanates to launch Military action, as well as other aggressive expansionist  policies to secure new worlds and markets for the Hengeyokai.  The Crusaders also seek to weaken the protections of non-native peoples living within the Protectorate and its colonies, a policy vigorously opposed by the Wardens.

The victory of ilKhan Udgorn comes as a surprise to many who watch politics in the Protectorate. Raising through the Warden Faction though the series of Pre-Trials, Udgorn eliminated or routed a wide field of challengers in his unexpected rise.  The defeated of his main challenger, Khan Herfrid  Kolndin of the Wolves’ venerable Silver Fang Tribe was not predicted. While Khan Kolndin was an unpopular choice as a leader, she hailed from a long line of Silver Fang Khans, and was considered and easy choice after ilKhan Moonshadow. 


Khan Herfrid Kolndin of the Wardens, in the fleet command center during the Navel Trial above the Protectorate capital, Fenris. While the Warden faction would go to win this trial, it was not enough to defeat the Crusader’s challenger for the seat of ilKhan.

Insiders believe simmering discontent within the Clans at the Nuwisha’s election to two terms in power following the Events at the Battle of Botany Bay fueled the turn of support with some Warden Khanates declaring of the new Crusader ilKhan at the Grand Moot, seeking greater opportunities to consolidate power within the Protectorate, while gaining the ilKhan’s blessing, and material support from the Protectorate for more aggressive expansion and exploitation of both aligned and non-aligned systems as well.

How various Warden and Crusader Clans and Khanates support, or oppose these promised measures remains to be seen, but if the current disruptions to trade, and repositioning of the Protectorates Touman is any indication, it appears the Warden Faction within the Protectorate is prepared to defend their right to not carry out discretionary policies of the new ilKhan.   

<< Nothing Follows >>



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