Rental Information

Updated 7 July 2014

We try to have a place for everyone to call their own, Currently we offer four types of rentals. Please scroll through the info below, and if you have other questions, please message us in world and we’ll be happy to help!

(Note all ‘prim’ counts refer to Land Impact, or (LI), its how Linden Labs counts your prims against our land allotment)

Ship / Sky Rentals

Do you have a starship? Station? Shuttle? Then these are the rentals for you! Find a place to park your boat or fly around an immersive sci-fi sim!  The ‘ship docks’ are our in character sky rentals. We don’t’ do ‘sky boxes’ like many sims, what we do offer is a spot in our sky, which is ‘orbit’ above the outpost of Dokk Refuinn.  The build needs to be usable from both inside, and out and ‘fit’ with the sci-fi setting.  There are many acceptable ways do to this, a few general notes however.

1. No surrounds or ‘universes’, we have a space windlight setting, please use it. We find that megaprim sized spheres for backgrounds just don’t work for the look and feel we’re going for in the sim.

2. The ‘space docks’ refer to space in our sky, between 1000 and 3600 meters. Once rented you can build anywhere in here, as long as you are at least 100m , preferably 200M from the nearest other build (unless you make prior arrangements).  If you want to dock with our public HighPort station, just contact the admins and we can help you out!

3. Your build should not be so ‘large’ in dimensions, that it impairs free flight of other reasonably sized vessels in the sim. All known, existing, SL stations have so far fit this criteria, if there is a question, just ask. What doesn’t fit (and is too many prims anyways) is the Prometheus.

4. Large ships (above 100 prims) or large is size, should not approach ground level for both IC and ooc (sim performance) reasons. If in doubt,  shuttle down and ask.
Small Ship Dock= 500L
Duration 1 week
250 prim (li) limit
No auto return

Medium Ship Dock= 1000L
Duration 1 week
500 prim (li)  limit
No auto return

Large Ship Dock = 2000L
Duration 1 week
1000 prim (li) limit
No auto return

Once you have paid the vendor please contact Jubilynn Lane to request a group invite to the Colonial Facilities group and make sure anything you build is set to that group so it is not auto returned.  Fly up to above 750 meters ( and under 3600 meters)  to rez your craft as this is the set atmosphere level.  When placing your ship please try and keep at least 100m distance from anyone else’s build.  Large craft over 100 prims must stay above the 750 meter mark so as to keep the lower ground sky un cluttered from ships. Ships below 100 prims can enter but must be willing to move if command requires it. Shuttles and smaller craft can come and go as they please. .

Land Rentals

We have Limited Land rentals along the East side of the sim. These spots are roughly 30 x 30 Meters (1024 sqm) and come with a 250 prim limit.  These spots are for players looking to put a private build, on a the IC ‘Dokk Refurinn’ location. We can be a little more restrictive of the builds that we allow in these plots as they need to fit the theme, look and feel of the forested space we provide. We’ve generally been able to work these issues out with renters. We reserve the right to moderate the height , size, mass, and general look/feel of the ground builds, but we’re happy to try to work with you, to come to a mutual agreement! We have several beautiful builds out there, and there is likely space for yours as well.

Land Rental price
1024 sqm plot of land = 625L per week
Duration 1 week
250 prim limit
No auto return
As said ,this Land is also available for rent to allow you to build the sci fi home of your dreams, or construct a base of operations for your group. We ask that you keep within the theme of the sim. As amazing as your giant pink castle is, it ruins the location for people Role playing within the established setting. If you have a question about an ‘allowed’ build just let us know. We work with renters but also try to keep the builds in the sim theme and within the scale of the rest of the builds.

Try and keep within your set area. A good indication to follow is the tree line
Once you have paid the vendor please contact Jubilynn Lane to request a group invite to the Colonial Facilities group and make sure anything you build is set to that group so it is not auto returned. We strongly recommend you speak with us before making a ground land rental.

Apartment Rentals

Apartments are located around the courtyard of the main settlement.  Apartments are 10 m X 20 m and come  with a 75 prim (li) rez limit. You can rent apartments by clicking the rental box at the apartment. Apartments can serve as a private residence, IC store (no vendors please) or Office.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are available the Hotel Coral Essex, just inside the entrance. Hotel rooms are free, first come first served (free for spot RP)  and come prefinished.


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