Again Welcome to Botany Bay, and thank you for taking the time to read this information, we think it will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the Sim. We will cover the very basics of the setting, using more well know science fiction worlds from movies and television to help you get in the ‘feel’ of Botany Bay.  More specific information covering the known history and detailed setting is an ongoing work as the admins and players flesh out the ‘world’ of Botany Bay. You can explore the other parts of the website and the blog to discover some of this information.

The Basics
Botany Bay is a science fiction setting. While we borrow elements from several of the more familiar sci-fi sources such as movies, games, books and TV shows, the back-story and ‘lore’ of the Sim/Game is a unique setting. We have taken care to weave together some of our favorite elements from other sources to create something fresh and unique.

At the same time, our story has been written in a way, to be Inclusive to most of the existing genres of sci-fi. With very little effort you can play your familiar, existing character, in our game. In this way, we provide a place with its own unique story, where you may see Brown-coats trading GenSeed with Colonial Viper Pilots, or Jedi trading philosophy with Vulcans.  We run an inclusive story, where we provide a frame work for how you may have arrived to our world, and how outpost, governments, technology science and lore function and exist in a larger Sci-Fi Setting.

Imagine the worlds of Firefly,  Star Wars, Aliens, Battlestar Galactica and many other similar works blended together…. that’s the look and feel we’re striving to attain with Botany Bay. Not to say we have the likes of Browncoats or storm troopers, cylons or bugs’ but the theme of the sim is similar to the settings of these works.  Like many other worlds, Botany Bay is meant to feel familar, and alien at the same time.

A Quick Overview of some of the pertinent ‘facts’ regarding th Game Setting:

  • The Outpost of Dokk Refurinn is part of a much larger government called the Hengeyokai Protectorate.
  • The Protectorate is a large dispersed government, which claims a large number of worlds widely scattered throughout the universe. These worlds are almost always well outside of large galaxies, and are found in the deep black of intergalactic space.
  • Worlds of the Protectorate are almost always at locations refereed to as Slip Nexuses.
  • The Hengeyokai utilize a technology to travel in ‘Slip Space’ this means of travel . Slip Travel allows travel over the vast distances between galaxies in relatively short times.
  • The Hengeyokai are also a ‘gate building race’ and utilize a slip enabled Stargate to travel similar to slip travel. They call this ‘far dialing’
  • Slip Travel is limited to the spaces outside of large Galaxies (or the ‘core’)  as such, Slip Capable vessels travel to the edge of Galaxies then use more ‘conventional’ FTL travel to travel within the more densely settled regions.
  • There are other limitations on both Slip Travel and Far Dialing (size of vessels, equipment, Gate Types ect)
  • The Hengeyokai Race may not be well known in your ‘home’ Galaxy, but is well known to those that travel via the SlipStream.
  • The Protectorate’s powerbase and authority comes mostly from controlling critical Slip Nexuses, and regulating travel and trade though these worlds and thus between Galaxies, while providing for safe anchorage and harbors for slip traveling vessels and travelers.
  • The Economy of Trade along Sliproutes is based on small, high value items, as the size of vessels is limited, bulk shipments are generally not practicable, as well as providing for the needs and services of slip travelers themselves.
  • The Restrictions and quirks of Slip Travel also make warfare along the Slip Stream much different.  As vessels are much smaller, and a ‘fleet’ traveling ‘together’ may arrive at vastly different times. The defender most always has a great advantage in a set piece battle, making these sort of attacks rare, and generally unsuccessful.
  • Protectorate worlds are, in fact, protected. As specialists in this type of combat and warfare, the Hengeyokai utilize an array of technologists, tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure the security and safety of their worlds.
  • As a dispersed people, Hengeyokai outposts and colonies are relatively small and are often built in harmony with the natural environment of their host worlds.
  • Hengeyokai Society is a relatively complex caste and clan system. The Hengeyokai people appear to be a very old race, which would partially explain their wide dispersion and low population. There is much variation within the race itself.

More Detailed Information Can be found in the other Setting Menu Options!


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