Spring Trading

<< Begin Transmission >>

Spring has seen a noticeable increase in trade and mercantile traffic in the skies above the Colony of Dokk Refurinn. At the behest of the Merchant Guild, Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach has spent much of her off world time meeting with Traders, Government and Businesses throughout the ‘verse.

Snapshot_018 (2)

Gaia’nan Sionnach attends a trade conference on the world of Yavin IV.

These meetings and conferences have increased the already robust trade passing though the Dok Refurinn system, and he Botany Bay Khanate as a whole. The increased traffic has also allowed local based crews such as the Star Witch, and recently arrived Star Filly new business opportunities.

Snapshot_001 (7)

Locals mix with the crew of the Star Filly in Luna Bar

Snapshot_009 (3)

The Star Filly at visiting High Port to off load some cargo before heading to her private docking bay.


Snapshot_001 (12)

The crew embarked aboard the Star Witch discuss ship operations in the Witches’ mess.

With the increased traffic, many new faces have been seen in the Colony.  With outlanders, come outlander problems. As is their policy and custom, the Administration often lets the outlanders solve their own issues, as long as it does not effect the colony or its other visitors.

Snapshot_006 (7)

Colonists and Outlanders waiting to be served by Gordon in The Mess


Snapshot_012 (6)

Some Outlanders settling a dispute between them at the old bridge.


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