Naru Ráca & Roðinn Valdr

Roðinn Valdr looked out over the cobble stone market as the faint breeze of spring ruffled her coppery hair. The Heygeyokai Ahuron watched as workers unloaded the most recent supplies from Nova Gaia with a slight sneer on her pale skinned face.

They young warrior did not feel cut out for this kind of … mundane, work. It was a feeling growing with alarming familiarity, since the Clan Wolf warrior had been taken as Isoria by Khan Jubilynn Bastet, during the recent Trials following ilkhan Udgorn’s ascent to power. Having been taken from her native Fianna Tribe, the hot tempered warrior had impressed the Bastet Khan with her prowess and furious defense of crusaders claim on the Command Star of the 7th Fleet .


Having survived the trials Roðinn served as a Bondsman at Nova Gaia, while the Bastet Khan took stock of her abilities, loyalties and honor.  As both factions within the Protectorate raced to secure key worlds, a shortage of awakened Hengeyokai hampered both sides efforts as already thinly manned Senti were split up to garrison far flung worlds.

Khan Bastet was posed with this dilemma, when Gaia’nan Cassidhe Sionnach of Dokk Refurinn rediscovered the Nexus world of Naru Ráca. The seeds of Naru ráca’s discovery were laid years prior, with the Nova Gaia Sentai’s rescue mission to Sterling Prime.  Responding to a distress call, from a previously unknown world, the Nova Gaia Sentai sent teams of Rangers and Volunteers to the world, which was in the final stages of being overrun by the ravages of the Solanum Virus. Using the gate at the Harman’s Hope outpost, the Nova Gaia teams were able to travel to the world, secure its gate, and evacuate the few survivors.

Sterling Prime, proved to be home to an forerunner data facility, which the Sterling’s had recently discovered. Subsequent missions to the Wyrm tainted world, recovered a lost data base of far dialing gates, and the Slip-Nexus worlds they once resided upon.  This database, proved to be the starting point for a new era of exploration for the Clans of the Protectorate. Using the information gleamed from the SPDB, the Clans have been steadily reaching further into the ‘verse, rediscovering worlds lost to the ages.

The jewels of these explorations, have been the Nexus worlds themselves, with their superconducting Lunarite Cores these worlds often host large Slipgates or Gate Routers, serving as critical links to thousands of worlds beyond and between.  These newly recolonized worlds, such as Dokk Refurinn, have brought prosperity to the Clans who control them.  Since the contested rise of ilkhan Udgorn, the worlds have become prime targets of inter clan raids and Trials of Possession, when left poorly defended, or when unclaimed by a Hengeyokai Sentai.

Naru Ráca posed this exact risk, and opportunity to Khan Jubilynn.  Already overextended following her Khanate’s successes in the Trails immediately following the ilkan’s election. The Khan was unwilling to expose any of her established colonies or outposts to Crusader raids. Yet, Naru Ráca could not be kept a secret for long, it needed a defender, someone who would fight for it, who would defend it and not let it fall not only to Crusaders from within the clans, but, to greedy outlanders, or the Wyrm itself.

Having had time, to take full measure of her new Bondsman Roðinn Valdr her decision was clear, and much to the Wolf’s surprise, Naru Ráca was put into her care. Roðinn departed Nova Gaia, via Dokk Refurinn, collecting, along the way, a Sentai of Dryet consisting of many of her former pack, as well  as Dryet from many Clans, who were seeking a wyld home, far from the core of the Protectorate.

The Sentai, along with a contingent of Colonists, Rangers and support personnel from across the Botany Bay Khanate, have been busy making the distant world their home.

Naru Ráca  is a Minshara class world, at the very edge of the Cygnus Sector. Typical of worlds with a superconducting core such as Naquadha or Unobtanium, the Lunarite core of Naru Ráca  gives the system unique properties allowing the use of far dialing gates, and the movement of large slip-stream vessels over extra-galactic distances.  These attributes make the world a valuable trade and military asset.

Naru Ráca  itself, is tidal locked to its star, an ancient Y class Brown Dwarf has surface temperatures of only around 370°  Kelvin, the same as a warm summer day on a M class world.  Naru Ráca  generates much of its own heat, though its superconducting core, and orbits very close to its star Naru Ráca  Prime, that what little light its gets , bathes the world in perpetual twilight.  The star still produces strong solar winds as it interacts with the slip space around the system. Casting powerful Aura, and Electromagnetic energy throughout the system.

Naru Ráca  was first settled sometime late in the Grand explorations of the 5th age. With both the world, and its system, vastly changed over time, the once large facility had fallen into ruin by the time of Casidhe’s rediscovery.  What remains of the forerunner outpost, appear to be what the Clan’s colloquially refer to as ‘Hobbit Holes’, underground bunker like structures, often build as a first step in the colonization process.  While older ruins dot the planet, and lie around the current outposts position indicating a long period of inhabitance in the past, the presence of ‘Hobbit Holes’ indicates the builders of the 5th age did not have a long presence on the planet.

Naru Ráca , while tidal locked, is a temperate world.  With large forests and lush vegetation on the light side of the world able to support a full colony in the future. Naru Ráca’s superconducting core, houses an incomplete Gate Router, and a partially functional slip gate.  Both assets are under study by the Warden clans.  The world sits upon the entrance to a vast swath, of unexplored space giving access to galaxies yet unexplored by the inhabitants of the known ‘verse.

This new opportunity for exploration, has driven many of the Khanate’s most eager colonists and explorers to the world.  The Khanate has already seen to the Outposts basic needs, ensuring a proper garrison, and port facilities have been established. It is now up to the Outpost’s commander Roðinn Valdr, and the intrepid souls who have ventured to this new frontier to make, or break, the outposts future.


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