Power though Peace & Prosperity

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While strife and war continues to fester throughout much of the ‘verse the Protectorate continues to project its power though peaceful exploration, trade and commerce.

Under the direction of Khan Jubilynn Bastet, the Colony at Dokk Refurinn has been actively conducting trade missions and negotiations throughout the sector.  Led by Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach, the Colony’s administrator, both the administration, and colonists have visited new worlds, and opened new markets to Hengeyokai based traders.


Casidhee leads a Trade Mission to Dullahan Station. Several residents and crew sample the provisions provided while a ranger detachment keeps a watchful eye.

Continuing the Trade conferences from the spring, Cassi has taken a more active role in coordinating trade though the various systems in the region. Often working as the Protectorate’s Ambassador, Casidhe has visited dozens of worlds, and personally led several trade missions and negations.


The continued abundance of the highest quality foods, seeds, and breeding stock continue to be the focus of the current trade agreements.  With many of the systems in the local sector lacking in basic foodstuffs, or stable, heirloom seed or breeding stock, the Hengeyokai traders and colonies are finding a need for the Protectorate’s bounty.


Cassi and Jamie entertain a Klingon Trade delegation in Luna Bar after touring the market. A trade agreement for fresh meats and other provisions was made with the Klingon Commander after Cassi visited their vessels to complete vigorous negations.


Harvest and transport of the trading goods, is being coordinated by GaiaGen, the Protectorate’s state corporation, in conjunction with many local growers and traders from the rim colonies.


Drexia takes advantage of a traveling vendor to try some ethnic soups and noodles during a recent visit to the Colony’s market.


While the new focus on commerce has been profitable in its own right, many believe the true value of the renewed outreach is the continued projection of the Protectorate’s power though commerce. The fair and reasonable trade agreements, have led to new friendships, partnerships and allies for the Hengeyokai and their colonists.

Far ranging Ranger Stars, and Colonial Fleet vessels have been seen utilizing these new routes of free passage, or friendly ports during ongoing operations.


Crew member Aya of the MV Star Witch escorts a newly arrived sentient droid around the Colony.


Though out the summer, local crews have taken advantage of the influx of new visitors, and access to new ports as well. Merchant vessels such as the Star Witch , and the Rim Star report a prosperous season.


Being an Ambassador often requires a lot of travel. Here Gaia’nan Casidhe has some time to ponder aboard a shuttle on the way to the Battlestar Clifford.


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