Summer Update

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They say, no news, is good news and that is what comes out of the Protectorate Colony at Dokk Refurinn these days.  The colony has had a quiet, prosperous spring and early summer. Hosting several well attended trade meetings, the Colony has seen a steady rise in traders visiting to trade their goods. Coming in ships, and though the several Astra Portia,  the brisk trade has been a steady source of business for the colonists and the Administration.

Spring Trade Visits 1

Trade Conferences hosted in April and May on the Colony’s Veranda Deck


The traffic has been a boon to most, but not all colonist have been able to take advantage of the bounty. While several new ships have called to port in the last few months, two long time fixtures of the skies above Dokk Refurinn has moved on.  Due to finical hardships, Interspace Freight was forced to close their station. The company has vowed to return if their fortunes allow it. Also, the explorer vessel MV  Ratiasharya completed her explorations in the sector, and departed to continue her voyage. The ship’s master Professor Julia V. Sheehan, continues to visit the Colony as time allows.

Other outfits and vessels have come and gone, as the natural flow of traffic brings people to and fro the Colony. Blackwing Yard and Station Black both closed their stations, with Blackwing focusing on its mercenary contracts in the dezgra Mu Draconis system . The Capellan’s from Station Black, continue their diplomatic efforts despite the closure of the large station.  The Red Talons have returned to the system, with a boat docked at Highport. Their vessel is joined by several other new arrivals both at highport and scattered over the orbital docking zone.

Hard Knocks visit

Gaia’nan Casidhe played host to multiple visits form the Hard Knocks School


The increase in trade, has opened other opportunities for cultural exchange. After first contact with the world of Hard Knocks, Gaia’nan Casidhe hosted a series visits from Younglings from the world.  Using the recently reactivated Gate on Hard Knocks, the trip to the Protectorate was the first off world excursion for the students and their care takers. The visits offered the opportunity to teach the students about the ‘verse beyond their home world and the Protectorates place in it.

Diplomacy has taken the Gaia’nan and other Hengeyokai off world as well.  Keeping a busy schedule, despite relative quiet of the last few months the local Sentai has been active on many worlds. Often visiting as diplomats or trade representatives of the Protectorate Casidhe and Eli’shandra often spend several hours a day traveling the ‘verse.

Diplomacy Spring 1

Gaia’nan Casidhe visits Companion houses during Wo’Men Dakai and Fire Ceremonies as part of the Diplomatic outreach.


The Colony’s Touman has been active as well. While the quiet days at the Colony would seem to indicate otherwise, Colonial Fleet and the Rangers have been active across dozens of worlds in support of the Protectorate’s interests in the sector. These military forces are often joined by members of the Sentai, resulting in missions dubbed ‘Diplomacy by the Sword’.


Colonial Fleet Skaoi Class warships in route to deliver a Ranger Cluster to an undisclosed world. The Skaoi class is a derivative of the venerable Artemis hull form, fitted out in the Protectorate yards and capable of carrying a Binary of Colonial Rangers.

Closer to home, Colonists are reaping the benefits of quiet, stable colony life.  Erich and Claudine Zefeur have settled into a cottage near the main outpost, to raise their daughter  Farrah. While newly arrived colonist Yasmin is organizing an effort to rid some a near by system’s asteroids of dangerous Xenomorphs.


As the dog days of summer approach, it will be interesting to see if the quiet pace of life at the colony continues, or if things become less predictable, and more ‘exciting’.

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