Colony Day Celibration & Fleet’s Arrival

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As summer turns to fall, the Newly Designated Colony at Dokk Refurinn has been very busy stepping into their new role. The Gaia’nan and crew’s work began with the well attended Colony Day celebration. The shindig was a great success, with revelers from both near and far joining the Sentai and Crew’s party.

Colony Day Guest

Colony Day Guest

The event, held on 29 August, 2515, was an opportunity for Colonists and travelers to enjoy the many fruits of their mutual labors. With refreshments from across the Protectorate and beyond showcasing the Colony’s ability to act as a trade and commerce center for the far flung worlds of its colonists and visitors alike.



Guests joined the locals dancing the evening away, with many races and peoples being well represented.

Full Photo Album HERE

The days following the Shindig have been busy for the Administration as they prepared for the arrival of squadron of warships from the Protectorate’s Colonial Fleet. The squadron, led by the Ranger Support Cruiser, RSS Renewed Valor arrived from the Fleet yards at Cadiff after a major refit after serving on the front lines in the Argus Sector.  The Valor’s battle group is the core of the Squadron which includes the Cruisers RSS Renewed Valor, RSS Vigilant Resolve, and RSS  Pax Defender. The Cruisers and their scouts and axillaries have been deployed to the Colony, as their new homeport and Join the RSS Aegis Dawn which has been forward deployed for the last 18 months.

Colonial Fleet's Arrival above Dokk Refurinn

Colonial Fleet’s Arrival above Dokk Refurinn

The Squadron is expected to support exploration and Ranger operations throughout the Cygnus sector.

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