Its Offical – Colonial Day Celebartions

<< Start Transmission >>
// Press Release – For Immediate Release – Botany Bay Khanate – Nova Gaia

In recognition of its steady growth and stability since its reclamation, by my authority as Khan of the Botany Bay Khanate, and with the blessing of the  Grand Council of the Hengeyokai Protectorate, I herby grant the Clan Kitsune Outpost at Dokk Refurinn status as The Dokk Refuinn Colony. This order is given under my hand, Khan Jubilynn Bastet, Khan.   // End ..

Colony Day Shindig

Please join Colonial Administrator, and Hengeyokai Gaia’nan Casidhe Sionnach in celebration of our founding as a full Colony of the Protectorate. A shindig in honor of this occasion will be held this Saturday, 29 August 2515, at the Colony. Come and join in the celebrations!

<< Nothing Follows >>

Follow the signs from the Stargate to the ‘back yard’ party location!

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