ISV STAR WITCH Undergoing extensive repair at Highport

<< Begin Transmission>>

Today at 17:30 LC time the local repair and construction contracting firm of Donnegut, Smith, Smith and Lizzard delivered a Class three Suspension dock to the Independent Stellar Vessel Star Witch.  We reported earlier that the star Witch had returned to port showing some severe signs of damage, though the full extent we are now starting to wonder at.

Star Witch Dry Dock (1)

Highport camera feeds show here the Suspension dock being guided in by several towline mark 5 heavy lifting drones. Seen here guiding it towards the port to link up with the docking port.

Star Witch Dry Dock (5)

Though we were unable to get any standard footage of the actual linking process, the being (We understand who goes by the name Takoda) overseeing the procedure from Highport central had this to say:

“Why are you here? Is that recording device on? The Captain doesn’t owe you money does she?”

Once the docking was secure and the suspension dock activated the drones departed and returned to the DSSL Facilities.

Star Witch Dry Dock (9)

Star Witch Dry Dock (11)

So the questions remain, Just how badly was the Star Witch damaged?  is this something others are going to have to worry about as they come and go from the relatively safe harbor of Dokk Refurinn?  How long will she be under repair and out of service?  And does this mean that the price of Rum will once again go up as the crew is stuck planetside awaiting completion of repairs?

Once again we reached out for comment and contacted the ship’s Executive Officer, Mavia Hian.

Star Witch Dry Dock (17)

“Our policy position on repairs is that we never need them, are definitely not having any done, and in fact they’re done already and we are just painting on a dragon’s head and racing stripes, and you need a dock to get that shit drawn right. ”

Star Witch Dry Dock (21)

And so this near staple of Highport that leaves many technicians wagering on when or if she will return as she travels on various obscure missions is currently grounded, for how long?  And is this perhaps part of the so called Highport Curse that seems to cause Ships to cease functioning or break down merely for having docked there?

Only time, perhaps, will tell.

Rodger Dickenson, DRNN Evening Gossiper reporting

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