Ostara Moot – Spring Equinox 2015 – Invitation

Saturday 21 March 2515
7 PM- 10 PM SLT
Dokk Refurinn
Botany Bay Sim

ostara 2015 Invite_1026

Please join the Hengeyokai  Gai’nan and  Outpost Chief of Dokk Refurinn; Casidhe Sionnach, for  the  Ostara Moot celebrating the Vernal Equinox of the first worlds.  The traditional end of winter and coming of spring signals the emergence of the fertility of the land and its people.

Ostara is an important time in the Hengeyokai tradition, when Hengeyokai Sentai were scattered far across the first worlds, Ostra was a gathering where young Hengeyokai could find a mate,  if only for the evening, a tradition that is carried to this day in many Warden Sentai.

The Ostara Moot tends to be a libidinous event! With the local Sentai mixing with visitors in search of a partner, for the evening of pleasures. The lascivious activities often come across as decadent to outlanders, but fill an important role in Hengeyokai society, giving the widely dispersed Clans the opportunity to find suitable mates.  Many Hengeyokai children are the result of such celebratory copulations, with the Hengeyokai parent raising the child independent of the outlander parent.  Some observers have theorized that True Hengeyokai actually enters a heightened state of fertility Colloquially and often ‘vulgarly’ referred to as  ‘Heat’.

The Moot itself is a mix of carnal pleasures that many more prudish cultures find distasteful.  Though the details vary from Clan to Clan and from Sentai to Sentai within the Clans, most include the ritual drinking of the potent alcoholic elixir Miruvor.  The Miruvor or Ostara is known to be an intoxicant and aphrodisiac within the Protectorate, but is not well known to Outlanders.  Miruvor acts on the pleasure centers directly, and rarely results in ‘angry’ drunks.   The euphoria experienced during the celebrations makes it an entertaining and often spiritual evening for everyone.

After much drinking and dancing, the Moot often devolves into a wanton display of sexuality and passion. Public couplings are not uncommon, and the Moot is not for the shy or faint of heart.  While the activity can get heated,  consent is naturally a requirement in such couplings, with the occasionally foolish outlander finding themselves at the wrong end of a saber or claw following a misunderstanding.  Almost All find delight here, but a rare few find death.

Ostara and its sister spring Moot, Beltane are among the most passionate and carnal social events among the Hengeyokai people and even in modern times, give the wide flung Hengeyokai a chance to cognate and find the pleasure of their own fin and folk. Since the renaissance of the current age, may Hengeyokai sentai have share these sacred events with those who share their worlds, both colonists and visitors alike. If you find yourself within the protectorate during these moots, do yourself a favor, and join in.

Photos Ostara 2514
Photos Ostara 2513

OOC: This In Character RP event is being held as part of our ‘Hengeyokai culture’ RP story.  This will clearly be an ADULT event, with heavy sensual & sexual adult themes. If you are offended by this type of RP, then this is not the event of you. The event is meant as a way to spring (pun intended) forward a new or existing story, or to highlight the interpersonal story of your characters while building on the Hengeyokai myth.

We expect to have public sexual RP occurring during this event, a departure from our Normal RP rules. It is a limited time event and does not signal a change in our regular RP rules (re: when the RP turns X rated, the scene should move to IM). We expect X rated public RP during this event. However, nothing ruins a good time as fast as poorly phrased public sexy time posts. We ask that you do move our more … lurid, descriptions into IM, while cross posting some less descriptive RP into main chat. Remember this is a public event.

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