Orbital & Business Updates

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Traffic is heavy in the Dokk Refurinn System, as war and strife drives commercial traffic from other ports to the secure and prosperous Hengeyokai outpost.

The latest Merchant vessel to call the system home is the MV Escavol a Succora-Class Medium Cargo Freighter. The independent trader is crewed by Captain Piku and her Engineer Eoul.


The Escavol is registered as a privately owned shipping contractor.  Most jobs involved  private work for small businesses and local waypoints.

During a cargo run, the Escavol fell into an active slipstream channel. Fast thinking and a lot of on-the-fly engine augmentation kept the ship going long enough to make it through in one somewhat battered piece.  Most of the damage was internal.  Several systems were sacrificed during the trip. The ship’s engines and main power-plant took the brunt of the damage.

Limping to Highport station, the Escavol established hard lock.  Piku and Eoul are a long way from familiar systems, but Home is the Escavol, so only the local scenery has changed.

Business is also booming aboard several of the local stations. Aboard Hypatia Station,
Dr Irissa Lee and her Medical assistant welcomed the arrival of two Companions from The K’veer Companion house to Dokk Refurinn. This was an important meeting for Dr Lee since she submitted the companion appointment request it was difficult to find the proper time for them to meet for the interview.

Companions and Crew of the Hyatia Station meet to discuss their new business arrangement.

Companions of house K’veer and Crew of the Hypatia Station meet to discuss their new business arrangement.

The meeting concluded with an agreement for Companion Dawnstar to serve on Hypatia Station as Dr Lee’s advisor and station ambassador.  Acocording to sources, The details will be clarified when the contract is delivered and signed. Preparations are under way to setup the accommodations for Dawnstar’s arrival. Rumors around the station have already begun with many asking what does this mean?  How will Hae Lee react or will she even care, and how does this impact the uneasy business arrangement with Dr Lee? Station residents have noted that Ms Lee usually has no problem voicing her opinion and has not been the most hospitable to new arrivals on Hypatia Station.

For her part, Dr Lee is not providing much details nor has her Assistant Soo Jin, They both have been quiet on this matter.

While the Companion House sets up aboard Hypatia, Club Mercy aboard Nemis Station continues to draw a large crowd of rogues and traders looking for the more, seedy, pleasures and  Entertainments.

The bar at Club Mercy, ready to serve your many needs.

The bar at Club Mercy, ready to serve your many needs.

Captain Nemis has reconfigured the Station to make it more accessible to the many visitors and crew members who call it home. Captain Nemis seems to have moved past her recent run in with the Administration, where she was forced to face the Kitsune Crinos Gaiscíoch in a trial of grievance.   Wisely choosing to accept the fines and torts rather than face the Crinos, Captain Nemis lived to Captain another day.

The incident serves as a reminder, that even established captains and this crews are expected to abide by the Administrations regulations while in port, especially regarding the use of arms or force and the treatment of wards.

Captain Nemis wisely rethinks her decision for trial by combat against the Kitsune Crinos Gaiscíoch

Captain Nemis wisely rethinks her decision for trial by combat against the Kitsune Crinos Gaisioch

Next up on the social calendar is the winter ball.

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