Thirsty and Lonely?

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Looking for a good time? Some Company? Perhaps a sprit to sooth your parched throat? There are several options for visitors to Dokk Refurinn, depending on your personal tastes.



LunaBar is the Outposts main gathering sport. Located on the East end of the Outpost’s Quad, Lunabar sits directly opposite the Astria Portia, an dis often the first stop for many travelers after arriving though Port Authority. LunaBar serves as the public house and common room for many of the outposts colonists and crew. A reputable establishment, LunaBar benefits from its prime location on the main quad with quick access to the market, and other establishments and businesses.

Lunabar New

Another busy evening at LunaBar.

Run by Mr. Shyaa, and a dedicate staff including BOB the barbot,  LunaBar serves spirits from across the ‘verse, owing to protectorate’s vast network of merchants and traders. Customers can also order a variety of foods from the adjacent ‘Mess’, the Outposts main dining facility and restaurant.  Entertainment is provided by local and visiting dancers and entertainers. LunaBar also offers private entertainment areas for some more, personal, entertainment.

LunaBar hosts many of the small business meetings and deals, with many bargains being reached in its well appointed common hall.

Mercy Club

Located on Nemesis Station, Mercy Club offers ‘Pleasures for you Hear or Body’s dersires’.  Featuring a fully stocked bar, dance floor and a comfortable lounge, Mercy Club is staffed by several Asari servants.

Visitors Enjoy Mercy Club during its public opening.

Visitors Enjoy Mercy Club during its public opening.

Specializing in private entertainment and supporting a vibrant recreational drug trade, Mercy Club caters to a less civil clientele than LunaBar. Visitors can view a showcase of the newest talents for sale or rent, and eager buyers can often be found aboard the station.

Mercy Club is run by Nemeis Station’s Captain, Nemeis Xue, a Pirate and Privateer who occasionally runs afoul of the Colonial Administration.

Purple Dragon Club

Purple Dragon Club is the newest addition to the social scene at Dokk Refurinn. Located onboard Hypatia Station,  the club is where the workers and residents of Hypatia station come to relax, enjoy the entertainment and discuss the latest news or rumors around the verse.

The Purple Dragon staff entertaining guests.

The Purple Dragon staff entertaining guests.

Rumors circulate about the club as to the real happenings onboard Hypatia; such as the slave that was transformed after having a surgery to remove a mysterious implant, Stories of Assassins, High profile patients being cared for in the med Center. Disputes between the XMC Corporate and the Red Talon workers guild. The moving of questionable cargo through Hypatia Station by the Red Talon Guild. Is the Chief of Security really serving the XMC or the Red Talon guild?

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