Orbital Update – 24 November 2514

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Vessels continue to come and go above Dokk Refurinn. The following Vessels have made port or returned to port in orbit recently:

Helleborealis III
Coordinates: 133-122-2001
Nebula-class Support Frigate

Helleborealis III

This heavily modified small frigate probes, provides reconnaissance and lays down covering fire as part of a carrier group, but also gather ore, ship’s jinks, and carry diverse goods between planets or space stations.
It may team up as a ‘wolf pack’ to bring down an enemy’s shield so that a larger ship may administer a coup de grace, but this one is well armed and is not to be taken lightly.
Designed for a small crew on a medium-duration voyage, the Nebula, and Artemis-class Durative, Support Frigate is commonly found in small groups supporting battlecarriers.

The ship is an inheritance her Captain, Frostred, gain when she was born. not from her familly, but from an ancient civilization, now disappeared. Ship’s AI, named Bleizdu, use a sort of hologram to achieves daily tasks, and interact with surrounding.

CSS Diana
Coordinates: 017-157-2709

CSS Diana

A Hercules Class Cargo Ship hailing from Republic Space. The CSS Diana Shares a docking sphere with an unknown Orion Class Smuggler.

The Federation ((SWRP))  DIANA is listed as a transport / Cargo, and is covertly used by the Bene Jen’Serrai, the hidden Twilek Coven of Force Users, channelling their beliefs in Kika Lekki, and The Force, into a naturalistic, holistic religion, bent on protecting and forwarding Ryloth interests and Twi’Lek people and culture.

The ship has been used by Yavin Dignitaries and Consulars, envoys to Ryloth, for meetings and traveling to Ryloth, or other Ambassador conferences.

Red Talon
Coordinates: 148-111-3163

Red Talon

A Dragonash Pirate Class Vessel, The Red Talon is Commanded by Hae Lee (Captain/Owner). A support ship under contracted with Xenogenic Medical Corporation, serving as an  Escort  for the XMC Threnody which has been called back to Shinon.   Previously used to investigate new planets and to prepare them for the XMC Threnody’s arrival. Since the Threnody’s recall,  the reason for the arrival of the Red Talon at Dokk Refruinn is unknown.

These Vessels join a large mix of stations and vessels currently in orbit you can find the complete list here:


Orbital Locations as of 24 Nov 2514 2129hrs

Orbital Locations as of 24 Nov 2514 2129hrs

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