Orc Fight Night – Last Light Station

<< ……. Begin Transmission >>

<< Press Release …. for Immediate Release …. >>

When: Thursday 10 July 2514   16:00hrs (4:00 PM) SLT
Where: Last Light Station – Dokk Refurinn

Welcome to the time honored Orcish tradition of beating each other almost to death with your bare hands. We are of course talking about Last Light Fight Night! The ring in the Station will be open to anyone who wishes to come and test their strength or for people just wishing to come and watch…and maybe put a few creds on the fight. What fun is sport after all if you can’t stake money on it?

Fighters will need to speak with Captain Cazic about registering sometime before the designated fight time. Those who register will then be paired up and the bloody carnage will begin!

Not an orc? Doesn’t matter. The fights are open to anyone who wants to participate or watch.

The fights are all done using just fist. No weapons and no psionic powers. Just hand to hand combat.

Get Your Fight On!

Get Your Fight On! This Thursday Night !

((OOC info))

Last Light Station @ Dokk Refurinn is Located on the Botany Bay Sim !

The fights are done to three points using dice. You don’t know how to dice fight? No problem. Just send an IM to Cazic (bandxofxorcs) or Horrible (Horrible.Aftermath) and set up a training session where we can walk you through it.


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