Transports In – Transports Out

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An marked uptick in transport traffic was reported this month as the orbital lanes above the Outpost took on a new look with new stations and ships taking residence, and long time orbiters moving to new skies.


Fenris Shipyards, a long time orbiter under the command of the salvager Captain Jaegen Fenris was packed up and transported off world. The yards catered to merchant and civilian vessels passing though the system, as well as serving as the local headquarters for Fenris Salvage.  Visiting vessles can still find repair and yard services from Highport, as well as several smaller orbiting stations throughout the Cygnus 351 system.

Valentine Station was also deorbited recently. While a large station Valentine saw limited traffic with the surface and served as a private residence and trading station for several small allied trading interests. The owners cited economic factors and cash flow issues as the reason for the station’s closure, and look forward to boosting a smaller, more sustainable station in the near future.

The economic impact of these stations’ departure has been offset by the arrival of several crews and vessels. The new arrivals come from far distant regions of the ‘Verse and include:

HDF Destiny with CMD Kyle and LT CMD Maggie

HDF Destiny with CMD Kyle and LT CMD Maggie

HDF Destiny
A former Al’teran exploration vessel, salvaged and commanded by the Home Defense Force, the HDF Destiny is commanded by HDF Commander Kyle Inniatzo. The Destiny’s mission has been stated to be one of Exploration and discovery, an unlikely mission profile, given Home’s rather xenophobic foreign policy.  HDF Destiny currently occupies a solo orbit at 125 mark 125 mark 3126.

Void Hunter
A privately owned Artemis Class Support Frigate, previously registered as the Void Hunter, the vessel is currently docked at HighPort for an extended stay. Helmed by Captain Darnell Core, who refuses to register the ships current name with Port Authority, the vessel, humorously referred to as the SS John Doe by Aerospace Controllers, appears to be a utilized as an armed merchantman. Captain Darnell gives no reasoning for his unusual secrecy, and many observers believe that the John Doe’s Captain may be a bit paranoid or come from a very reclusive society. Given that the even the HDF shares the names of their vessels with controllers, this is a new level of exclusion for the outpost’s staff.

While the StarWitch has been in port many months, a new crew has joined Captain Kata Kita and her First Officer AI-LI. The StarWitch has been much more active, brining fresh ‘cargo’ into the system over the last several week.

Last Light Station and Crew

Last Light Station and Crew

Last Light Station
The largest addition to the orbital landscape has been Last Light Station. Helmed by Captain Cazic, leading a band of orcs and other rough spacers, Last Light has already proven to be a haven for visitors to the outpost, looking for a less, ordered, experience than they may find at the main outpost.

Captain Cazic has already announced that Last Light will host a casino as well as other entertainment venues, which an aye to catering to the, less civil, outpost visitors. The station, a robust Isis Brevis, is well outfitted to serve as both a trade and entertainment facility.

While many have questioned the Administrator’s judgment, granting orbital rights to the Last Light crew Casidhe had this to say, ” The Protectorate is home to many of Gaia’s misunderstood peoples. While Orcs may not be the most popular race in the ‘verse, they and may races like them, serve an important role in the health of the ‘verse, besides Captain Cazic and I have an arrangement, there won’t be any issues that a dermal mender can’t fix, well besides a few bruised egos.”

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