Operation Glacier Harbor

<< Begin Transmission>>

Ís Heim  – Operation Glacier Harbor

Ís Heim is a marginal class M world in the spinward reaches of the Tir-Gamma Galaxy.  In close orbit to an ultracool sub-brown Dwarf star,  Ís Heim is perpetually covered in ice and snow.  Once a temperate world,  Ís Heim is now home to the the last surviving Clavians , a semi-nomadic humanoid race whose homeworld was lost generations ago.

The Ice World of Ís Heim far in the spinward reaches of the Tri Gamma Galaxy.

The Ice World of Ís Heim far in the spinward reaches of the Tri Gamma Galaxy.

The Clavians choose the unlikely home of Ís Heim due to the presence of Auroite deposits deep under the ice sheets, and the  relatively  intact Ancestor facility located  on the world.  Discovered by Clavian surveyors the small outpost, was relatively intact.  While unable to power the Ancestor facility’s systems, the rare find, and promise of more Ancestor Relics as well as rich Aurorite mining on the world led to the Clavians Settling on the cold world.

Clavian representatives have visited Dokk Refurinn, having heard rumors of a fully functioning Ancestor Facility having been discovered. The delegation recently met with Administrator Casidhe, seeking assistance with bringing their own facility online. The Administrator took the matter for review, having received the same request from several other worlds with apparent ruins of Ancestor outposts or compounds.

Now a desperate cry for help has arrived from Ís Heim, the world is under siege by a  Mechanoid invasion force. A powerful, malevolent, and numerous race of machines, the Mechanoids are not a race unfamiliar to the Hengeyokai, though their presence in the tri-galaxies was, til now, not known.

After a quick meeting with Khan Jubilynn and the Hengeyokai Elders,  Dok Refurinn is readying its first war party, a mission of aid and support to the Clavians of Ís Heim. Task Force Glacier is being organized around the Ranger Frigate  Aegis Dawn  and is composed of a Colonial Ranger detachment, CRASH Medical team, and contracted military and civilian support personnel.  Several Ranger ISSCV Transports, and a convoy of Romani Vardos will transport supplies to the Clavinas, as well as provided transport for the Task Force Personnel.

Ranger Pathfinder deployed to the Clavian world of Ís Heim seeks cover behind a Mechanoid hulk.

Ranger Pathfinder deployed to the Clavian world of Ís Heim seeks cover behind a Mechanoid hulk.

While a Gate address has been found in the Sterling Prime data archive for Ís Heim, dialing into the Astria Portia has been unsuccessful.  Either the gate has been removed, damaged, destroyed or is buried under the great ice sheets which cover most of the world.

Task Force Glacier’s mission, is to Assist the Clavian forces in defeating or driving off the Mechanoid incursion, or failing that, assist in evacuating the surviving Clavian’s to a safe world.  Primary Mission Requirements (PMRs) are to:

A. Defend the Ancestor Facility

B. Supply the Clavian military forces with arms and supplies

C. Provide combat service and service support to include medical care to Clavian Forces.

D. Engage the Mechanoid Force in support of the CF when the tactical situation requires.

E. Locate the Astria Portia to facilitate resupply, reinforcement and other mission critical tasks

F. Be prepared to Execute evacuation operations on order

The CRV AEGIS DAWN arrives above Dokk Refurinn while the Task Force is mobilized.

The CRV AEGIS DAWN arrives above Dokk Refurinn while the Task Force is mobilized.


The Ís Heim story arc will consist of 2 to 6 events (expansion possible) to be played over the next six weeks. Events will be held primary during Week end days (SLT) and Weekday Evenings (SLT).  Some ‘bumper’ events may be held every other friday during the day (SLT) in order to accommodate those who are in other time zones.

Expect your character to be relatively ‘tied up’ with the events on Is Heim, as there is no stargate, travel is by starship only, and the spinward marches of the Tri-Gamma Galaxy are quite a distance from even Dok Refurinn, even via Slip Stream, as the ‘way’ is yet well known, and thus takes longer to travel.

This does not mean your character can not come and go, but some commitment is required, and they should not be arriving ‘instantly’ from another world for these events.

If you can’t afford to tie up your primary character, consider an Alt or playing some NPCs or ‘secondary’ characters. We have ‘slots’ for many types of characters in this story. Tag along as a nameless (or newly named) Ranger, or try your hand as a Member of the CRASH Medical Team. All props and uniforms provided.

Your actions will determine the outcome of this story! Unlike some groups, we do not set out with an ‘endstate’ in mind. We’re presenting a story, we know the underlying ‘facts’ of. How these are revealed, play out, and ultimately affect the ongoing game is totally up to how YOU the PLAYERS react !

How will this Mission end? How will it affect life on Dok Refurinn and beyond?  Only you can help decide!

The event schedule will be posted shortly. Interested Parties should IM the Sim Staff, specifically Jubilynn (Casidhe).   Now’s the time to stop saying “nothing ever happens” and be part, of something happening!

File Graphic: The newly rediscovered Tri Galaxy Region.

File Graphic: The newly rediscovered Tri Galaxy Region.

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