Orion Caj Celzekar Arrive at Dokk Refurinn

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After weeks of sometimes terse negotiations, the Orion Caj (House) Celzekar have been granted anchorage over the Dokk Refurinn outpost by Khan Jubilynn Bastet.   The effort, spearheaded by the Outpost’s Administrator, Casidhe Sionnach, signals a thaw in the relationship between the Hengeyokai Protectorate and Orion Confederation.

Relations have been cold, following the return of Orion Advocate Auryn Sapeur and Arealius Barbosa to the local sector. The pair’s ongoing plays for power, and manipulation of existing alliances earned them the ire of Khan Jubilynn, who revoked the passage and anchorage rights of the Orion delegation in the Sector, from all Hengeyokai Worlds, effectively ending diplomatic relations between the two Peoples.

Caj Celzekar flagship @ Space Dock #2 high above Dokk Refurinn

Caj Celzekar flagship @ Space Dock #2 high above Dokk Refurinn

Adminstrator Sionnach began meetings with Caj Celzekar’s Rhadaman, Tamzin Celze after a chance meeting while conducting trade in the Harthorn system.  Well known to the Hengeyokai, having served as Ambassador for the Orion’s Confederation based out of Mu Draconis, Rhadaman Tamzin had recently parted ways with her former comrades, rejoining her birth house to take over leadership of Caj Celzekar.  With her new duties, Tamzin indicated she wished to revisit relations with the Protectorate, citing Advocate Sapeur’s polices as the source of friction between the two people.

Administrator Sionnach, championed the newly prompted Rhadaman’s cause and brokered the new treaty between the Caj Celzekar and the Botany Bay Khanate. Full details of the treaty have yet to been released, but early reports indicate that the Caj Celzekar have been granted passage and anchorage in select Hengeyokai systems. This would include anchorage of a Caj Celzekar flagship in the Dokk Refurinn System.

Adminstrator Casidhe Sionnach greets the Orion commanders aboard their flagship, going over some new protocols soon after docking @ Dokk Refurinn

Administrator Casidhe Sionnach greets the Orion commanders aboard their flagship, going over some new protocols soon after docking @ Dokk Refurinn

The first Orion vessel arrived earlier this week, docking at orbital dock 2, high above the Dokk Refurinn outpost. It is believed this vessel will host other Orion vessels, who’s mission will be to explore the newly rediscovered Tri-Galaxy region.  Details on this development will be reported, as they become available.


Meanwhile, Exploration of the Tri-Galaxies has begun. Teams have been departing via vessel and Stargate over the last several weeks. The explorers have encountered a variety of dangers, with several requiring rescue or other outside assistance.  The Administration cautions those not familiar with the unique dangers of traveling in these far distant reaches of rediscovered space, to familiarize themselves at the outpost first, before attempting to far dial, slip out into uncharted blackness.

A joint task force lead by Captian Jaegen Fenris clears the cargo bay of a vessel in distress, deep in the Cygnus Beta Galaxy.

A joint task force led by Captian Jaegen Fenris clears the cargo bay of a vessel in distress, deep in the Cygnus Beta Galaxy.

Development of facilities at the Dokk Refurinn outpost continue, with the recent addition of a second orbital space dock, to handle the increased traffic into the system. Ground facilities continue to expand, with the establishment of several private compounds within the protected area around the main outpost.

Recently refurbished public baths, a welcome site to many who find themselves far from the comforts of home.

Recently refurbished public baths, a welcome sight to many who find themselves far from the comforts of home.

Facilities at the Outpost continue to improve as well, with the opening of an expanded Market Bazar as well as improvements in the public baths, local data archives, and other public facilities. The slaver guild has also recently opened its market, in the Bazar, standard Protectorate rules applying.  Parties interested in acquiring space at the outpost, should contact the administration.

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