USS Carolina Arrival

<< Begin Tranmission>>

The Starfleet vessel USS Carolina made an unscheduled port of call at Botany Bay yesterday evening. The Intrepid Class Federation vessel and her starfleet crew arrived at the Nova Gaia slipgate at 1800hrs standard time.

USS Carolina in orbit above Nova Gaia.

USS Carolina in orbit above Nova Gaia.

The vessel, was traveling outbound of the Mu Draconis system when it encountered a naturally occurring slip point in an area know as the ‘badlands’. The vessel, attempting a jump to warp speed, instead entered the slipstream.  IRIS notified Khan Jubilynn of the vessel’s inpending arrival, and the decision was made to grant the wayward vessel passage into the Nova Gaia system.

The disoriented crew hailed the colony upon arrival, and following a brief conversation, an away team was sent down to the surface. Greeted in port authority by Khans Jubilynn and Serus, of the colony’s Hengeyokai Sentai, Captain Seelowe and her crew introduced themselves and explained their situation.

The Carlonia's command crew and Khan Jubilynn Discuss matters in the Colony's CIC.

The Carolina’scommand crew and Khan Jubilynn Discuss matters in the Colony’s CIC.

After some tense discussion, regarding the Orion’s role in dispatching the Carolina to Nova Gaia the Crew was granted entry for rest, refit and exploration.  While crew members retired to Sol Catania,  Captain Seelowe and her XO joined Khan Jubilynn in the colony’s CIC, discussing the Crew’s visit to Mu Draconis, and events which brought the Carolina to Hengeyokai space.

The vessel is scheduled to be in system for at least several days, as the crew rotates dirtside for a bit of shore leave and cultural exchange.

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