Sol Salutations – A social report on life in the Botany Bay colony

<< Begin Transmission>>

Greetings good folk of the ITN!  Shyaa Farnell here; barkeep and sometimes entertainment director for Botany Bay colony.  I’ll be trying to check in from now on with monthly reports on our social happenings, and maybe a little gossip thrown in just for spice.

Shyaa Farnell

Shyaa Farnell

Our biggest event of late was of course the annual Winter Gala.  Oh I’m sure you already read the reports – Hengeyokai tradition, beautiful, artificially generated snowfall, gorgeous costumes, kickin’ DJ.  All of this is true, but this director was actually there with a ground floor view.  When my dance card wasn’t totally full I witnessed a couple of interesting encounters between guests, not all of them entirely friendly.

In particular, our own tall dark and stubbled warrior-lad, Jager, seemed to be having some difficulty coming up with pleasant conversation where one or two other guests were concerned.  It leads me to wonder if I need to ask Jubilynn whether or not he’s been properly house trained..?  Ah well, he makes up for it in the pretty eye candy department anyway.

Up on the balcony I noted a rather fearsome-looking figure leading a slave girl about by the neck on a chain.  Not that we don’t see such things now and again coming through the Bay, but the way he felt the need to yank on her like a bad doggy left me a little cold.  Rough love games aside, I wasn’t seeing the need to be so bossy.

Colonist enjoy the warmth of the fire during the after party.

Colonist enjoy the warmth of the fire during the after party.

The highlight however was our after party.  Mura, my favorite little dead girl, managed to convince an Elfy new visitor named Eric to streak through the snowy wonderland while she stole and hung his clothes from the Great Tree.  Not a bad looking elf I’ll admit, and watching him jump to fetch them down might not have been the classiest point of the evening, but it sure was entertaining.

Speaking of the Naked Elf, I heard rumor he’s been spending some quality time out and about with our own dear Administrator, Jubilynn.  Could it be professional acquaintance?  Simple friendship?  Or do I sense a little romance on the early spring breeze?  Only time will tell.

Paparazzi supplied photo of Khan Jubilynn with Eric Talran as the pair enjoy a quiet eveing on the South West point.

Paparazzi supplied photo of Khan Jubilynn with Eric Talran as the pair enjoy a quiet eveing on the South West point.

On an unrelated note, night swimming off the beach in Botany Cove is particularly delectable right now – I highly recommend a trip for those who’d like a refreshing dip or a quiet place for a little rest and relaxation.  It’s certainly done me a world of good.

In other news, a wealthy financier from the Milky Way named Vallic has been hanging around the Sol quite a bit of late.  My initial impression is that he’s very tall, quite blonde, and smells a lot like money.  Take that one as you will.

Coming up on the horizon is our Vernal Equinox festival.  Much more casual than the Winter Gala, the Equinox Festival celebrates the return of warmth, the season of planting, and the generation of new life.  Clothing, as always for this event, is entirely optional.

On a personal note I came the closest this month that I have in awhile to a shootout happening in my bar.  I’d almost forgotten the adrenaline rush that comes from foolishly throwing oneself between a trigger happy patron and the target of some seriously misplaced rage.  It’s not really something I care to remember, so be forewarned – I’m bringing Fluffy out of retirement and she will be on patrol.  For those who don’t remember my sweet little kitty-cat bouncer, here’s a photo:

"Fluffy" Out and about patroling the colony's wilderness.

“Fluffy” Out and about patroling the colony’s wilderness.

Note – don’t pet my kitty.  She bites.

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