Return To Stirling Prime

<< Begin Transmission >>

Forces from Botany Bay returned to the beleaguered world of Stirling Prime to answer a new series of distress calls from a second enclave of survivors who manged to contact the Hengeyokai Colony. After the rescue mission of 26 January a second enclave of survivors managed to contact the Hengeyokai utilizing the HPG communications equipment onboard the long range shuttle that Task Force Stirling Walker had left in orbit.  The survivors, members of a scientific research team, pleaded for rescue, claiming to have information of importance to “other skywalkers” and information related to the cause of the Solanum virus.

Given the unusual aggressiveness of the Solanum outbreak, and the cryptic message of  ‘skywalkers’, a reference most likely to the use of the Astria Portia, Khan Jubilynn ordered a second rescue mission to be launched. 

While the message had just arrived at the colony, the vast distance the HPG message had to travel before hitting the Hengeyokai HPG relay network indicated that it had been sent soon after the Task Force departed on the 26th. With the tactical conditions on the ground and the continued atmospheric poisoning, the result of nuclear weapons behind used in a last ditched attempt to stem the viral outbreak and walker attacks, the Khan wasted no time in ordering the Mission to proceed.


Team 1 lost on the streets of Stirling Prime, Searching for the entrance to the starport.

Task Force Sterling 2 was formed around the Colonial Ranger SRU stationed at Botany Bay and augmented by several volunteer adventures.  The bulk of the Ranger forces would depart first and form an outer cordon 3 to 5 kilometers from the objective area. The remaining Rangers and volunteers would then drop into the industrial area to link up with the survivors who would be landing via shuttle, all forces would then collapse to the Astria Portia, which would have been perviously secured and the force would then dial home.

Two teams made the drop into the industrial area. Team 2 formed up and moved towards the gateroom’s location. Their mission to clear and hold: clear it of walkers, then hold until the rest of the task force was able complete their objectives and link up for the dial out.  The team made good time to the facility and was able to set up a perimeter at the entrance and being to clear the inside of the facility.

Walkers Rush the second shuttle and the survivors rush into action.

Walkers Rush the second shuttle and the survivors rush into action.

Team 1 formed up and began to travel towards the starport west of the dropzone. Despite having a native guide, the team became disoriented in the warren of over turned vehicles and thick radioactive fog that made navigation instruments unreliable. The team eventually turned up at the gate bunker and after a quick map check, headed North west to the starport.

The Task Forces’s presence did not go unnoticed, and Team’s 1 wanderings brought out many walkers, who’s presence had been anticipated do to earlier operations. While the Rangers on the outer cordon attempted to prevent waves of walkers from the city from pouring into the industrial park, the share numbers of walkers within the cordon would soon make their presence known.

The combat around the gate room’s entrance initially drew the most attention from the walkers, who began to descent on the easily located, stationary security team. The team settled in for a prolonged defensive engagement against the growing number of walkers, a fight that would test their endurance in the coming hours.

Team 1 Forms up to head back to the Astria Portia, shooters on the outside, survivors in the middle.

Team 1 Forms up to head back to the Astria Portia, shooters on the outside, survivors in the middle.

While Team 2 dug in, Team 1 fought their way though a knot of walkers, clearing a major obstacle of overturned and burning vehicles before breaking into the relative quiet of the starport. the team made quick time across the tarmac, littered with vessels unable to escape the destruction, thousands of bodies laying among them, the testament to a terrible fight that had taken place during the planet’s fall.

The team made little contact, finding few active walkers, gaining access to the control tower and activating the NavSystems that would allow the rescue shuttles to safely land. With in 30 minuets the first shuttle arrived, making a loud approach over the sound of combat on the cordon and around the gate room. 

Hesitant at first, the team approached the shuttle and after some missteps, the team coaxed the survivors out. While the team leaders were attempting to ascertain if there would be any more shuttles, walkers, drawn to the landing shuttle, lurched out of the darkness and fell upon the group in close quarters.

Team 2 defending the Gateroom finds itself hardpressed by a growing hoard of zombies, weapons running low on power, ammo and overheating.

Team 2 defending the Gateroom finds itself hard pressed by a growing hoard of zombies, weapons running low on power, ammo and overheating.

A desperate close quarters fight erupted, with the resce team placing themselves between the survivors and the walkers and falling back to a large cargo vessel to regroup and move out. Just as they were about to depart the area, a second shuttle came screaming in overhead. With the navsystems damaged in the teams firefight with the zombies, the shuttle landed hard, skitting across the tarmac and clipping the first shuttle. Breaking into flames, the shuttle drew a hoard of walkers.

Members of Team 1 rushed to the scene, and along with covering fire from one of the Ranger teams that was now falling back to the gate room from the outer cordon, forced the walkers back and were able to extract the shuttles survivors, the pilot having been killed in the crash.

Team 1 and then gathered up the survivors, placing them in the middle of a moving perimeter, and started to weave their way back to the gate room, though the obstacle filled streets.

The defensive line holds as they blast a coordior for the surviors and team 1 to enter the perimeter.

The defensive line holds as they blast a corridor for the survivors and team 1 to enter the perimeter.

While Team 1 was executing its objectives, the hoard of zombies pushing against team 2’s defensive perimeter grew rapidly. Augmented by the outer cordon teams, Team 2 fought desperately to hold the gate until Team 1’s return. As Team 1 made their way back slowly, the press became too much for the gate room defenders. While team 1 paused on an overpass to make the final push to the gate, the defenders issued the recall order, running low on ammunition, or having weapons overheating from the huge volume of fire they were expanding to hold the gate, Commander Kell gave the order for a final push, it was now or never.

Once the general recall was given, Team 1 made a push, then a dash for the gate room. besieged on all sides, the Team would have been engulfed by the walking dead, if not for the huge volume of accurate fire coming from the other teams defensive positions, literally blowing a hole though the mass of walkers for the rescuers to pass though.

The teams fell back into the depths of the bunker, with a short delay caused by all positions being fully engaged. This paused caused some casualties, as the combat power of the defenders was nearly spent by this point. Below, the team dialed the alpha site, and started ushering the survivors though.  The rear guard fought back though the gate, firing while they went.

The rear guard fights with their backs to the gate as they back though the event horizon.

The rear guard fights with their backs to the gate as they back though the event horizon.

The team quickly redialed Botany Bay, where the survivors and wounded were moved to the medbay, and the others debriefed. Casualties where widespread, the loss of the Stirling Prime Native Dyral, who was operating as a guide for Team 1 was especially felt.

The scientific team is currently being debriefed by the Hengeyokai and is being housed at a classified location.

<< Nothing Follows>>


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