Khan’s Press Conference 1-24-2513

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Khan Jubilynn Bastet held a press conference at the Botany Bay Colony to field questions from the local sector’s press corps regarding the recent developments between the colony and several systems.

The Khan did not seem to have a prepared statement, opening with the following remarks: “Namaste and welcome members of the press. Given the events of the last few weeks, we felt it prudent to allow access to the press corps , so,  suppose, have at it ”

Khan Jubilynn answering questions from reporters from thoughout the sector in the new 'meeting hall'.

Khan Jubilynn answering questions from reporters from thoughout the sector in the new ‘meeting hall’.

The first question was offered by the Trade Publication, Freight Insider:
“Freight Insider, ma’am. In light of recent events, can you give a detailed account of the current navigational status of the colony and surrounding space? What do you see as the fallout for the safety of mercantile shipping in the area?”

The Khan Replied:
” As always, our local space remains a safe and secure anchorage . The protectorate encompasses each Hengeyokai system and the local space as designated in the standard nav charts. As for routes to and from the spice imperium, they remain as always treacherous, but they are outside out purview”

Freight Insider’s correspondent Followed up with:
“So you don’t expect any, well, blow-back penetrating your space? Even temporarily?”

Khan Jubilynn:
” IRIS will not allow far access to the slipgate for any capital class vessel, our normal patrol routine shall continue unabated for those vessels , nominally under 1000 mt in mass, that can make slip on their own without a gate.  There is always the possibility of privateers, it would be unfortunate for those who became so entangled , as it has been noted, I”m not really known for my restraint ”

The Signal Online Reporter as she questions the Khan on recent developments.

The Signal Online Reporter as she questions the Khan on recent developments.

The Signal online, fielded the next question:
“How much if any impact to Nova Gaia’s economy do you anticipate?”

The Khan’s Response:
” THere is always an impact, but following the Leget’s misadventure in spying here, and the subsequent closing of our trade and diplomatic mission months ago, we have diversified our trading partners. One of the advantages of being a people spread across the galaxies, is that we have access to worlds across the galaxies, I’m sure someone else, some where will be enjoying our fresh fish. Besides, Mu Draconis was not much of a trading partner they have but a sole export, spice, and that is not something we had need or want of.  Recent trading outings to the Eldar worlds such as Commorragh have proven quite profitable ”

[[ In the weeks following the Mu Draconis embassy closing trade decreased slightly, but has risen to its previous levels in recent days. Port Authority’s daily reports shows a slight uptick in both vessels and tonnage of traded goods at Highport for the reporting period, though the daily numbers for this week have been disappointing ]]

Freight Insider Offered Up the next inquiry:
“There have been rumors that the Hengeyokai have withdrawn their protection in part because of secret diplomatic outreach from the enemies of the Empire. Would you like to speak to those accusations?”

The Khan’s Response:
” There will always be rumors, However out case is clear and direct, which is what makes it so unbelievable in these times, that a people can be clear and direct, so I will restate it.  We are not vassals of the Legate or her Emperor, the attempt to remove a diplomat serving on a such a council by force of arms, then failing to answer for such an act for two full standard weeks, shows how unworthy, and how short of memory , the Legate and her supporters are ”

[[ Anylists believe that it is unlikely that the Hengeyokai will ally with any enemy of the Empire, as historically worlds designated Dezgra are not deemed worthy of such vengeful actions. ]]

The Representative of the PHayder press Service asked:
“Do you expect any backlash for your actions?”

The Khan’s Answer:
” My decision was approved by the ilKhan and the elder council, we act as one in this matter”, “if you refer to the legate and the empire, I think they have their hands full trying to defend what they consider theirs , besides, they fear us, rightfully so. … So the most likely course of action , which we have already seen begun, is they will work to discredit and smear our record on things. Already they seek to nullify traditional claims on land and ‘house’ status. It matters little, one can not legislate such things, they are there for those can can claim them, and we have proven our ability to do so, ”

[[ Laandstrat records of the biweekly meeting show several houses jockeying for position and actively seeking to discredit the Hengeyokai claims in the Mu Draconis System ]]

The Signal moved on to a different but related subject:
“The SSFS has been aggressively looking to expand to other worlds. Does this cause you any concern?”

Surprised by the question the Khan offered:
” The SSFS is aggressive by nature, any world that gives them a foothold, they will take an assload of, yet they are a small, band of mercenaries with a very active PR department, they have not fared well in battle against an organized professional force.”

[[ While never engaging in direct armed conflict the Hengeyokai’s Colonial Rangers and the SSFS have a history of distrust and a rivalry, primary from the SSFS directed towards the Rangers for actions during and following Operation Sandwind on Mu Draconis. Khan Jubilynn was a vocal critic of the SSFS’s relations with allied military forces and handling of civilian traffic and travelers in the Mu Draconis system]]

AP’s pool reporter asked a follow up question about the Legate’s Spy:
“You said there was an incident of espionage – has anyone been detained and what were the circumstances surrounding their apprehension?”

The Khan responded:
“The spy was arrested, tired, and sold into penal service on an undiscolsed world, he was brought to the Laandstart to allow his mistress to answer for him, she did not speak for him not make claim for his release, the matter has been widely reported, I belive he has been reported to be freed and active on the alliance world of Dragons egg.”

[[ Trace Legacy, was captured tried and convicted of espionage and assault in connection with an early October incident. Mr Legacy stated during his questioning that he wished to be returned to his employer, Legate Tereshchenko who disavowed her knowledge of his activities. Mr Legacy was bound by law and sold into penal service for his crimes]]

Khan Jubilynn fields questions from reporters following recent developments.

Khan Jubilynn fields questions from reporters following recent developments.

The Final Question came from Freight Insider:
“Is it correct to say that the Hengeyokai have no plans to engage in active operations against the Spice Imperium? And would that include not encouraging piracy through letters of marque?”

To which the Khan offered this statment:
” Correct, at this time we have no interest in the Dezgra Empire , one does not give bandits the effort, if they prove to be a threat, then force will be met in kind, … you should understand, we took an oath to offer our protection as long as the people of Mu Draconis welcomed us, we are not conquers , unlike so many who came to that world with such promises. The people, allow the legate to serve, and under those conditions, they prove not worthy of our protection and her actions free us of the conditions of our oath ”

[[ The Hengeyokai and Khan Jubilynn in particular have a history of meeting force with force in a measured response. Such responses have included the issuance of Letters of Marque against those of the bandit class and Dezgra forces ]]

After asking if there were any more questions, and finding none Khan Jubilynn thanked the gathered reporters, ” ” well thank you all, and as you know, I always try to make myself available to the fourth estate. Please , contact my people for a follow up anytime. Thank you all for coming ”

[[ Open press conferences, while rare, have occurred regularly on Hengeyokai worlds as a means for colonists and visitors to have access to the Hengeyokai Sentai and the Colonial Administration. acquisitions from the Orion Advocate aside, a free press is one of the many virtues one may find within the protectorate. ]]

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