Hengeyokai Declare Mu Draconis Dezgra

<< Begin Transmission>>

The following message was delvered to the Al Raqis Laandstrat on Mu Draconis by Hengeyokai Delgates:

Legate Terechchenko,

You want us to believe you are powerful, you are not. You are afraid of us, and you should be.  To put this in terms you may be familiar with, and so you may fully understand the consequences of your actions; This is not how things work;  You have earned a ‘black mark’ in the ‘registry’, we withdraw our protection from your worlds, no Hengeyokai sentai will treat with you, no Rangers will come to your aid or defense, no sentai will raise to your protection or come to your calls for aid. Your vanity and treachery  have proven yourself unworthy of our Protection.   On the authority of ilKhan Lucius Moonshadow, Ilkhan of the Hengeyokai, and the High council of our people,  the Holdings of  the Spice  Imperium  , to include the Mu Draconis system, are held in dezga.

No Imperial vessel may pass our gates, nor partake of our protected anchorages, may you ply the black, ‘with the common people’.

Khan Jubilynn Bastet


Copy of Khan Jubilynn's Holo Message to the Mu Draconis Goverenment

Copy of Khan Jubilynn’s Holo Message to the Mu Draconis Goverenment


<< Nothing Follows >>

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