Challenge Issued @ Mu Draconis Laandstrat

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Legate Calina Tereschenko, in a bold attempt to silence critics and seize power in the Al Raqis (Mu Draconis) Laandstrat attempted to remove Khan Jubilynn Lane by force from the council chambers this evening.  Ordering her personal guards in, to ” remove the Khan” and that she can ” sit in with the common folk.”   In response the Khan challenged the Legate to trial by combat.

The outburst was preceded by a heated exchange over the Legate’s continued failure to provide basic government services since her appointment, in this specific instance, her inability to organize basic customs and quarantine procedures at the port facilities, that have let to the desert ‘ infestation’ of off world xenophobes.  The Khan, in her usually candor, likened the port to an “alley way companion” , a statement caused the Legate to fly into a rage.

While the Khan is known for her colorful language, the Legate’s obvious thin skin, and quick temper belay the problems undying her administration of the often contentious council.  Routinely the ‘Great Houses’ have engaged in verbal discourse , and down right mud slinging. On more than one occasion, threats have been made to life and limb, yet none of these actions were sanctioned. The over reaction of the Legate, to the Khan’s goading is a sure sign of her fragile grasp on her authority.

The chamber descended into chaos , as the guards entered the podium area in an attempt to carry out the Legate’s order. Various houses and observers began wagering on the outcome of the issue. The Legate, seemed to loose her footing after her initial outburst, falling Ill and having to be attended to by Medics, while the meeting was adjourned pending an outcome of the challenge.

The incident casts disturbing shadows of the “Jade Moonkill” incident, when the Beit Dawla’s Leader seized power and ordered the arrest of the Laandstart. Specific laws were passed following the incident to prevent just such an act. The Legates unilateral actions to silence her critics, under the guise of a ‘personal affront’  appear to be a blatant violation of these orders.

While House Hengeyokai have greatly scaled back their operations on Mu Draconis, the deployment of several stars of Colonial Rangers was pivotal to the defense of the system over the last standard year, and many of the Rangers have been awarded Valor Medals by the planetary Government. The Hengeyokai continue to lay claim to the large swath of desert known as Tanmi Erg as well. Their claim to a Laandstrat seat has long been acknowledged by right. A right and responsibility that the Khan has repeatedly upheld, providing not only the Ranger’s military aid, but economic and humanitarian aid, including the deployment of medical teams following recent natural disasters, and the assistance in rebuilding critical infrastructure following the destruction of the Spice refinery and surrounding industrial areas.

Given the continued presence and actions of the Hengeyokai, the Legate’s statements that, ” there is no formal mission from Botany Bay on Araxes,” is unlikely to pass the review of even the most casual observer.  Observers are keen to note, that the Khan has been a vocal critic of the Legate since her appointment, noting that the Legate seems more concerned for her ‘station and profession’ than for the duties of government.

As of press time, it is unclear if the Legate will meet the Khan in combat, appoint a champion, or resend the offensive order. When asked to comment the Khan had this to say, ” It is unfortunate, that those that would sit silently when their peers are threatened with death, would take offense so easily at other words so uttered in the same chamber. Those that forget their oaths, to placate their vanity and so called sense of honor. Where is the honor, of server one’s on interests and not the interests of the people who which one leads? What sort of world, would allow itself to be ruled by those who would so readily use force, to silence those who would oppose and criticize them?”

The Khan’s view is clear, the Legate seeks to attempt to silence her critics and load the Laandstart with ‘her’ people, is the Beit Dawla next?

This is the latest in a string of incidents, between the two leadres, including the arrest of an intelligence agent dispatched by the Legate, at the Botany Bay Colony, an agent who’s associates mounted an armed assult to free him.

The Khan has returned to Botany Bay, following the Legate’s health issues, when and how this issue will be resolved, and if the challenge will come to combat, remains to be seen.

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