BeanStalk System Retired

<< Begin Transmissin >>

The long serving system of MagLev orbital to surface transportation system, known as the BeanStalk, has been retired by the Colonial Administration. Used in place of the more common Transporter technology because of the unique EM interference in the Nova Gaia system, the BeanStalk was the safest and most reliable method of transport available outside of shuttle service.

Ring Transport

Adminstartor Jubilynn oversees testing of the new Ring Transport system on the Middeck of the colony.

The System has been replaced with a more convient and robust ‘Ring’ technology.  Similar to the rings used by many races throughout the ‘verse including the Ori and Alterans,  the Rings have been specially shielded and modified for use in the Nova Gaia system.

Botany Bay has been equipped with several Transport Ring sites to cope with the heavy surface to orbit traffic. Orbital stations have been equipped with ring ‘pads’ and visiting vessels can request transport via CIC and Port Authority.

The enhanced system will allow the colony to keep up with the increased traffic in system, while ensuring the safe and efficient transport of people and goods.

The system hub is located in port authority in the middeck, and is accessible via the Gate Room as well as several new walkways from Main Deck, at the former location of Cargo Bay 1.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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