Winter is Coming

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The Colony celebrated the coming of winter with the traditional winter solstice celebration held the 21st of December of the Standard year. The celebration, embraced the old ways, on the traditionally shortest day of the year, and start of winter.

winter dancing

Colonists and Visitors Dance around the Bonfire while visitors look on.


This year marked the first full celebration of the Solstice, at least publicly, on Nova Gaia. The administration is making an effort to open many of the Hengeyokai customs and celebrations to the colonists and interested visitors.

The event was marked by a bonfire and celebration in the ancient henge, or standing stones, which are located near the main colony facility. The local Hengeyokai Sentai, led revelers in a night of dance, drink and other celebrations to mark the occasion.

winter pairings

The Dark Eldar delegation gets a front row seat as the dancing and drinking leads to the eventual pairings for the evening. Khan Jubilynn with her evenings’ escort Jagerwoff taking a break from the feverish dancing.

The event was well attended by colonists and visitors alike, including an unexpected delegation of Dark Eldar, making their first visitor from the Imperium to the local sector.

The event is the latest in the colony’s seasonal celebrations which start at Samhain and continue though the Midwinter ball, a formal event held yearly.

The busy holiday season has seen the colony sending diplomatic parties to several events throughout the ‘verse including events Companion Guild Events on  Paquin and the Starfleet Winter Ball on the UFS Colony of Pinastri. 

UFS Ball

The Colony’s delegation led by Khan Jubilynn speaking with Orion Advocate Ayrun and several Others at the UFS Winter Ball.

Diplomatic efforts continue with citizens of Citadel space, with Khan Jubilynn having visited the large space station, and hosted a delegation to Botany Bay. These efforts continue hand in hand with the ongoing, but still secretive Project Babylon.

While matters at the Colony, including Project Babylon have consumed much of the administration’s attention, off world matters continue to vie for attention.

Attacks on Mu Draconis, from a rampaging xenomorphic race continue in several sectors. The violent sudden raids have created a panic among some visitors to the desert world, who claim the world was under ‘invasion’. While attacks have certainly occurred, sources in the intelligence community indicate that the attacks amount limited armed raids, that while violent and destructive, are local and limited in nature.


Released photo of the xenophoic ‘bugs’ that are raiding the desert world of Mu Draconis.

CRASH has deployed response teams on numerous occasions following these raids, often coming under fire from ‘raiders’ or other nonaligned mercenaries seeking to profit from the confusion. This follows the ongoing trend on Mu Draconis of general lawlessness in several sectors following the Magistrate’s removal and departure of several organized armed militias, a vacuum the U.A.P. military has volunteered to fill on multiple occasions.

One threat to the security to the Mu Draconis system was removed with the surprise destruction of the Pryxis system, home to the Ta’Seti and Myrmidon Order. The system’s primary star, unexpectedly went Nova on 15 December. While the star was known to be unstable, sources say it was estimated to be thousands of years before such instability could be expected.

The event destroyed all planetary bodies in the system, leaving it uninhabitable. Reports vary as to the details of the event, and to the nature of any evacuation which may have occurred. Regardless, a high number of casualties can have been expected, as system wide evacuations of population centers is a long arduous task under the best conditions.


Reported Destruction of the Pryxis system, Source Classified

Few systems offered aid at the scene, sources within the administration confirm the presence of a Ranger vessel in the vicinity, but refuse to comment on its mission.  Several other governments deployed scout vessels to the system following its reported destruction, but no large scale relief efforts were launched. This is not surprising given the number of enemies the Ta’Seti and Myrmidon Order gathered over the years.

While commerce at the colony remains brisk, with the arrival of several new vessels and stations; How the destruction of Pryxis, and the other unfolding events effect the colony, remain to be seen.

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