New Quarters Open, Project Babylon Continues

<< Begin Transmission>>

Construction around the Colony in support of the mysterious Project Babylon continues. The large construction project, the physical aspect of the ambitious, yet still secretive project, has displaced multiple residents and services throughout the Colony.



The new Colonial Quarters viewed from the main colony across the bay at sunset.


Following the construction of the new Public Baths, the long rumored new Colonial Quarters have been completed at the former ‘village’ site on Botany Cove. The facility, designed and constructed by Administrator Jubilynn and the colony’s DRDs is now home to many of the colonists and visitors to the Colony.


The New Colonial Quarters as viewed from the docks. The new facility is conveniently located along the working waterfront.

Built in harmony with the surrounding hillside, the facility boasts the latest in living comforts, set in a quiet soothing environment. The grounds include gardens and a Koi pond, build around the long-standing obelisk.


The new Colonial Quarters are built to blend with nature, rather than stand apart from it. The Hengeyokai’s long-standing practice of Green building is clearly evident in the new facility’s design.

The facility is fully serviced by IRIS, with utility and data umbilical set between the two facilities deep underground. A small landing pad is available to residents for quick visits. The facility is a short walk, and an ever shorter speeder trip from the main facility along the shore of the cove.



Colonists have already moved into the spacious new quarters, furnishing them to their own tastes and customs.


Parties interested in living space, should contact the Administration for pricing and information.


administrator Jubilynn looking across the Bay to the main colony from the balcony of the new Colonial Quarters.

<< Nothing Follows>>

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