Project Babylon: Construction

<< Begin Transmission>>

Rumors continue to circulate around the colony regarding the recent major construction projects occurring throughout the colony which seem to be related to the as of yet unannounced Project Babylon.  The effort began with the relocation of the popular public baths from the South East corner of the main deck to a new purpose built bath house in the cove.  The administration then began to gut both main deck and deck 2 constructing what appears to be a large meeting or council room.  Along with this work a complete renovation of the Diplomatic Quad was undertaken, moving North along Main Deck towards the Port Authority. The new ‘Diplomatic Complex’ spans the better part of two decks on the east side of the colony. The what details have been obtained by observers show a large, complex facility able to handle a large volume of visitors and spectators.

Project Babylon
One of the Few images of the Projects large meeting space which appears well equipped with communications and other equipment to support large meetings and debates.

What mission this new facility may have remains unclear. While the administration has been quiet on details, there has been much chatter along diplomatic channels of some sort of new diplomatic iniviative being forwarded by the Hengeyokai to be based out of the Botany Bay Colony. Many known allied factions have visited the Colony recently, including many visits by the Orion Advocate and Ambassadors.  Observers belive this to be the next step in Khan Jubilynn’s efforts to stabilize the region and promote communication and an exchange of culture and knowledge of people in the sector, a long-standing goal of her administration. This would likely build upon her success serving on the Al Raqis Laandstart as well as the rumours diplomatic missions she has completed as a Khan of the Hengeyokai, and Administrator of the Colony.

New Baths
The New Baths at Botany Cove, The detached but greatly enlarged bathhouse provides new facilites for both colonists and visitors to the colony and is only a short walk from the main colony.

As the facility nears completion, an announcement of it’s intended use and purpose is likely.

<< Nothing Follows>>

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