Samhain Ball 2512

<< Begin Transmission>>

A good time was had by all at Botany Bay’s annual Samhain Halloween Ball held Monday Evening.  A wide sampling of the latest trance music from the Core was provided by DJ Arc (Arcangelo Hellmann) while the Bay’s own Marionette Dolly Jamiee Danes served as Mistress of Ceremonies.

A generously sized crowd turned out to enjoy the Administrator’s annual fall festival themed décor, dance the night away, and sample the libations available at the Sol Cantina. The ball is the latest in in the recent resurgance of public social events at the colony.  Such events having a long history with the Hengeyokai.

Although the array of costumes presented for the costume contest was both dizzying and impressive, the prizes were eventually taken by runners up Indygo Moonbeam and Black Rose, with the grand prize winner being the fetching witch on her anti-grav broom: Ariadne Fall.

Ariadne Fall

Lady Ariadne Fall hovers on her anti-grav broom: the winner of the annual costume contest at the Samhain Ball.

While the nominal host for the event, Khan Jubilynn was speciously absent from the event, making only a short apparance.  Sources close to the Adminstration report that the Khan was engaged in a series of meetings with the Hengeyokai Grand Council regarding current and future operations in the local sector.

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