Hengeyokai Deploy to Rebuild Mu Draconis

<< Begin Transmission>>

In a unpredecented move, Khan Jubilynn has deployed Hengeyokai DRD’s (Diagnostic Repair Drones) to assist in the recovery and reconstruction of the Splintered Rock region of Mu Draconis.  The advanced repair and construction drones were requested by  Administrator Magan Book of PlasmaStorm Industries, who have been contracted by the Imperium to rebuild the devastated area.

Damage Survey

Khan Jubilynn and PlasmaStorm Administrator Magan Brook survey the damage to Splintered Rock from a PlasmaStorm Vessel.

Deployed via ISSV Shuttle the team of DRD’s is under the operation and control of the AI Hesperus. The operation is under the nominal control of the Hengeyokai Embassy in nearby Al Raqis City.  The agreement, struck this afternoon, provides for the Drone’s assistance in the ongoing recovery and search efforts, and in infrastructure repair and replacement. Sources close to the Colonial Administration state the the DRD’s are prohibited from working on the Spice Refinery itself, per the Khan’s orders.


Khan Jubilynn and Administrator Magan watch from nearby as AI Hesperus works from the bridge of the ISSV shuttle, coordinating the efforts of two quad of DRDs at the PlasmaStorm work site.

While the DRD package will be working with the PlasmaStorm engineers, not all factions on the desert world welcome the Hengeyokai’s involvement.

When asked to comment on media reports fronted by the local militia Khan Jubilynn had this to say, ” I’ll let the people of Mu Draconis decide what the ‘true story’ is, or as my people have said, its easy to spot a liar, they pepper their story with oddly specific information, that has nothing to do with the matter to be discussed.  Unlike some people, the Hengeyokai are here to help aid your injured, and rebuild that which is destroyed, not show up for profit, and retreat to our … base.. once none could be found.”


A quad of DRD’s using their plasma torches to weld sections of PlasmaStorms new industrial infrastructure.

AI Hesperus

a DRD recharges aboard the ISSV shuttle while the AI Hesperus directs the efforts of its kin. PlasmaStorm has assured the security of Hesperus’ DRD package with the deployment of security forces around the work site.

The Hesperus Deployment is expected to last several weeks. Details of the compensation package between the Hengeyokai and PlasmStorm has not been release.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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