Spice Refinary Destroyed In Earthquake

<<Begin Transmission >>

At approximate 1600 hrs local time, a major Earthquake struck the Splintered Rock region of Mu Draconis, the tremors, felt as far away as Evangline, rattled the Capital City and did severe damage to the industrial facilities in Splintered Rock.

Reports from the Botany Bay embassy detail destruction of the Spice refinery and surrounding commercial and industrial facilities. Khan Jubilynn has dispatched a Ranger detachment to assess the situation. Initial damage assessments continue to trickle in with reports from the Ranger team showing the total destruction of the Spice refinery, buried under tons of debris, leaving little more than a large hole in the sand and rock.


A Colonial Ranger advance team survey’s the destruction done by a massive earthquake. The large hole was once the vast spice refinery and industrial facilities, now buried under the sands.

CRASH has dispatched the Medical Frigate “Comfort” to the system to assist with casualties, who’s figures have yet to be reported. Gate travel to the world has been restricted from many locations to allow of Emergency traffic to have priority.  DRD’s on loan to a local construction project in the Desert Basin have been retasked to help search for survivors.

In the Pit

Colonial Rangers of Botany Bay SRU scan for survivors in the ‘pit’ that was once the industrial and refinery sector of Splintered Rock.

How the interruption in the spice trade, will affect the fragile socio-economic balance of the Imperium remains to be seen. Legate Calina Tereshchenko has yet to comment on the event, nor has she been seen since the incident began. Local reaction to the destruction has been slow and uncoordinated, with the many local military and emergency response teams seeming to be hunkered in their bases.

Aid from off world continues to arrive as of press time.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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