Mu Draconis Legate’s Spy Captured On Nova Gaia

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Details continue to emerge regarding the string of events the began at the Hengeyokai Colony of Botany Bay on Nova Gaia, and played out in last evenings Laandstrat session on Mu Draconis.

Over the last several days, rumors had circulated that the Colonial Administration had uncovered espionage directed against the Hengeyokai being ochrasted by the newly appointed Legate, Lady Calina Tereshchenko on Mu Draconis. Legate Tereshchenko’s agent, a man by the name of Trace F. Legacy, was bound by law by Khan Jubilynn at the colony sometime Monday morning.

Trace F Legacy

Trace F Legacy, confessed agent for Mu Draconis Legate Calina Tereshchenko while being held at Botany Bay, Nova Gaia.

Mr Legacy arrived at the Colony early sunday evening, immediately seeking out the Khan and asking questions about the Colonial Ranger operations from Ranger station Botany Bay.  The man’s clumsy attempts at gathering information, and flimsy cover story as being ‘on vacation’ were quickly determined to be false, as was the Ident cards he had used to gain access to the Colony.

After being taken into custody, Mr Legacy admitted to being an agent of the Legate, claiming to be her new ‘chief of security of Al Raqis’, and stated he was operating under orders of the Legate to gather intelligence on the Rangers operations on Mu Draconis.

While bound by Law, Mr Legacy was placed under House arrest and given free rein of the colony grounds, but prevented from sending wave to Mu Draconis. The Administrations stated intent was to present him at the weekly Laandstrat meeting and demand censure of the Legate and restitution for the trespass.

Before the meeting was convened on Tuesday, Mr Legacy attempted to escape custody. Breaking his own wrist in an attempt to remove his monitoring device. The attempt brought the attention of local security forces, who after many threats on the part of Mr Legacy, took him back into custody, restricting him to a makeshift cell in cargo bay #2 until the Laandstrat meeting.

Soon after his move to the holding area, a second agent, apparently contacted by Mr Legacy clandestinely, attempted to remove him from custody by force.  This second agent, a female vulpine, who’s name has yet to be release, opened fire on security forces in the landing bay without warning or provocation, sending pilots and crew ducking for cover.  RAM’s response included a SRU from the local Ranger detachment, who operating under RAM’s authority engaged the vulpine intruder who had barricaded themselves inside the Monkey’s Wrench. After a short standoff, the aggressor was taken into custody, the short engagement causing up to 60,000 credits worth of damage to the Wrench alone. During the exchange, Mr Legacy made a second bolt for freedom, being taking down by stun rounds fired by multiple rangers.

Ranger Fire

A Ranger SRU operating under RAM”s authority engages a vulpine assailant attempting to remove Trace Legacy from detention by force. Rangers flush the attacker from cover.

Shortly after the incident, Khan Jubilynn departed for Mu Draconis, followed shortly by an armed ranger detachment with Mr Legacy in custody.  Legate Tereshchenko opened the meeting by introducing Trace Legacy to the Laandstrat as her new chief of security, apologizing for his absence, one that was sort lived as he was dragged in by a pair of Rangers.

In a fiery, contentious exchange, Khan Jubilynn leveled chargers against Legate Tereschenko, accusing her of letting the newly vested power of her appointment as Legate, go to her head.  The Legate refused to acknowledge that he dispatched Trace to spy on the Hengeyokai Khan, going as far to disavow the man, whom she just had introduced as her Security chief.

While several other Laandstrate council members voiced their displeasure with the incident, with Lady Zhangsun claiming previous knowledge of the man, and vouching for his true identity, and confirming his lies, she pleaded for compassion for his ‘mental state’. Both House Zhangsun and the Sisterhood offered to take the man into custody, as the Legate also offered to ‘detain him for investigation.’

In the end, Khan Jubilynn forced the issue with the Legate, who in the end, refused to lay claim on the man. Trace was removed from the courthouse for return to the Hengeyokai Protectorate for further interrogation. Sources close to the investigation belive if he survives the questioning, he will be sold to traders far from the sector to recover the costs of his restution and fines.

The incident is expected to remain a source of contention between the New Legate and the Hengeyokai Khan. While in previous months, there had been little discourse between the pair, Lady Calina’s clumsy handling of the situation, and the damage and casualties caused by agents under her employ, on the Hengeyokai world are unlikely to be soon forgotten by the Khan.

The discord could not come at a more delicate time, as the transition of power from the Magistrate to the Legate is still ongoing. With the looming renewal of hostilities with the Ta’Seti and their Myrmidon allies, the Legate will surely need the assistance of the Hengeyokai and their skilled Rangers in order to bolster the local defense.

Khan Jubilynn had this comment, ” It is unfortunate that those that raise to positions of power, often are overcome by that power.  The Legate has much to learn, the ‘verse is not a tea room ”

The Legate was unavailble for comment at press time.

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