Treaty Summit

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Treaty talks between the Ambrosia Coalition and the United Federation Starfleet continued yesterday at a Treaty Summit on Paquin. Hosted by the Coalition member’s of the Companion Guild Ambassadors from both sides met for several hours to go over the proposed treaty between the groups.

The Social event saw the Guild as gracious hosts, entertaining the delegations with a reception and tea ceremony, before the closed door talks began.


Companions Entertain the delegates with the renown Tea ceremony prior to negations.

The delegation included Orion Ambassador Tamzin  and  Vaj Shodar Raven representing the Coalition and Federation Ambassador Gijsjan Broek, Ambassador Jade Outlander and Honour Guard Mac Gaelyth representing the UFS.

The Hengeyokai were also represented, with Khan Jubilynn Lane and her Escort Ahourn Jagerwolf Darkwatch being present in the talks. The inclusion of the Hengeyokai Khan may seem odd to outside observers, as the Botany Bay Colony is a member the Coalition, however, the Khan’s recent experiences in various talks from Mu Draconis to Regial, as well as the Hengeyokai’s long involvement in interstellar politics has made her inclusion in such negations a sought after asset on many worlds in the local sector.


The delegates pose for a photo following the successful negations at the end to the summit

While details of the talks remain light, the parties left the meeting in good spirits. Those close to the Ambassadors state the meeting went well, with the Hengeyokai Khan raising several points regarding the scope of the document, and how binding the agreement was to the member states of each organization, and that such a listing was not included in the source documents.  While this and other details remain to be worked out, the parties seem to have agreed to move forward in principle, with further talks to be scheduled in the near term.

Khan and Escort

Khan Jubilynn and her Escort Jagerwolff’s inclusion in the talks, demonstrates the continued influence of the Hengeyokai presence in the local sector & the Hengeyokai’s continued dedication to such diplomatic efforts between peoples.

The success of the summit was likely do to the work of Orion Ambassador Tamazin, who spent many hours reviewing and rewriting the initial draft of the treaty, to address the unique nature of the Coalition with the Federation. If these talks produce a lasting treaty between the two groups, remains to be seen, but it seems likely that some agrement will be found.

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