Damage to ATS Starbright Station

<< Begin Transmission>>


Nova Gaia – Apollo Trading and Salvage, Ltd. (ATS) is pleased to announced that Starbright Station has re-opened after the trouble yesterday.

There is no truth to the rumors of a terrorist attack aboard the station. According to CEO Daphne Jones, “It was just a meteor strike. Unfortunately the meteor holed the engineering section and took out a bit of my bedroom just above that deck. Fortunately I was planetside at the time.”

Stribright Station

ATS Starbright Station prior to damage (file photos September 2512)

ATS slaves and maintenance bots worked long into the night patching the hull and getting systems back online. Both power and life support were damaged beyond repair in the collision. The bots scavenged the Morning Glory – a long range FTL ship under construction in Starbright’s dry dock for parts and got jury-rigged systems up and running. Station manager Xyrxwl U’qwr commented, “The power levels are marginal. We had to remove the lift running through the ship’s core and reinstall the original ladder. But rest assured, the station is safe.”

No lives were lost, but four maintenance bots were destroyed in the event.

In unrelated news, ATS has announced a job opening for a director of station security. They hope to find someone with a military intelligence background.

Apollo Trading and Salvage Ltd. (ATS) provides trade, salvage, and, through its subsidiary, Independent Mining, mining services. Headquartered on Orpheus, they has bases on and in orbit around Nova Gaia.

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