Rangers Complete Mu Draconis Recon

<< Begin Transmission>>

Colonial Rangers garrisoned at Botany Bay have completed a series of reconnaissance missions to the troubled desert world of Mu Draconis. Long a contested world, the Rangers have recently been deployed to Mu Draconis by Hengeyokai Kahn Jubilynn Lane in support of the local government’s effort to defend the world and stabilize the chaotic local political scene.

Rangers Overwatch Recon Team

Rangers Overwatch the Recon Teams from High in the hills of the Desert World of Mu Draconis.

The Rangers deployed numerous Star and Point sized units to the world over the previous week with the intent to gather information about the local installations and terrain, and to learn the customs of the local populace.  The mission’s focus was on the more populated regions of the vast desert world, with teams deploying to Evangeline, Wadi Emert, Deep Desert, Desert Basin East, Splinter Rock and Al Raqis City.

The teams gathered data on the lay of the land, and the locations on the various facilities and businesses located in the desert and city.  While most encounters with the local inhabitants was positive, on two occasions the teams were taken under fire, on both occasions, the aggressors were identified as off world visitors and the teams were able to withdraw to a safe location with out exchanging return fire.

Delta Outpost

Rangers Investigate Delta Outpost in the Deep Desert of Mu Draconis. This close, non aggressive approach was the hallmark of the operation.

This ‘hands off’ policy enabled the teams to complete their non aggressive mission with little interference from the local militarys and private military corporations, of which there are many.

The Rangers are not strangers to Mu Draconis, having participated in Recent Operations against the Ta’Seti and their allies.  The mission’s timing seems fortuitous, as Ta’Seti vessels have once again begun a campagin of piracy against vessels in the vicinity of the system.  The team’s shuttle also observed known Ta’Seti allies, the Myrmidon Order, constructing an unknown device in the Splintered Rock region.

High Cover

Shuttle Alpha flying high cover observes Myrmidon Order operatives installing an unknown device in the Splintered Rock Region.

Information and Data collected is being collated and analyzed by Ranger Command and the Hengeyokai for uploading to the Cortex.   Kahn Jubilynn commented “We are pleased to offer assistance to the people of Mu Draconis, our continued presence in the system is a symbol of our commitments in the sector.”

What the return of the Ta’Seti and their Myrmidon allies may have on the fragile peace remains to be seen, the matter is likely to be a topic of the coming Laandstrat meetings.

<< Nothing Follows>>

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