M.S.V. Beowulf Destroyed

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Captian Jaegen Fenris has reported the destruction of the MSV Beowulf during salvage operations in an undisclosed star system. The Beowulf has been a frequent visitor to the Nova Gaia system, perviously being home ported at Pike Station above the Botany  Bay Colony. Capt Fenris’s press release is below:


MSV Beowulf shown during previous salvage mission of teh MSV Icarus. THe crew had repeated encounters with hostile xenomorphs, which ultimately lead to the vessles loss in October of 2512.

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What follows is the account of first hand witness to the destruction of the XGP-15A  Outlaw Star class corvette known as Beowulf under the command of civilian captain Jaegen A. Fenris of the Merchant Fleet.

In response to a contract from Morningstar Conglomerate to track down a missing vessel known as the M.S.V. Wandering Star, The crew of the Beowulf discovered that the ship and all hands were overrun by a yet to be identified biological entity that was apparently the focus of scientific research aboard the Wandering Star. A liaison from Morningstar was dispatched as a temporary member of the crew with orders to capture and return with a live specimen.

A strike team was sent on to the Wandering Star and a small creature attacked Capt. Fenris and latched onto his cybernetic arm. This creature was believe to the only specimen retrieved from the ship and because of the nature of the creatures and their complete infestation of the science vessel, it was determined that quarantine protocols demanded the vessel Wandering Star be destroyed. A single tactical nuke was fired from the Beowulf and the wreck of the Wandering Star was drawn into the gravitational pull of a nearby gas giant.

Following containment protocols the specimen was brough on board the Beowulf where study from medics determined that it was insectoid and that it had in it’s digestive systems both human remains and that of others of the same species. It was not known at this time that one or more of the same species had infiltrated the Beowulf via ports in the hull for fueling and plasma cycling.

After the Bewulf rendezvoused with the M.S.V. White Dwarf and the specimen transferred, it was discovered that there was on the Beowulf a complete infestation in all the ducts and shafts of the unknown biological entity as well as some sort of secretion used to make a nesting habitat.

Unable to contain the infestation or remove it, it was determined that the only course of action to maintain control of the hostile life form was to auto destruct the vessel. Capt. Fenris and all crew were escorted to safety and passed medical screening and the Beowulf itself was scuttled with nuclear fire.

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