ATS Press Release – Orbital Shuttle Service

<< Begin Transmission>>

Nova Gaia – Apollo Trading and Salvage, Ltd. (ATS) are pleased to announce the introduction of robot-controlled shuttle flights between the ATS Warehouse on Nova Gaia and their Starbrignt Station in orbit.

The shuttle operates from parking pad 3 at the warehouse to the upper airlock at Starbright. To ride the shuttle, just board and take any seat. Other riders will have 10 seconds to find their seats before launch.

ATS Robo Shuttle

ATS’s Robo Shuttle on landing pad #3, ATS warehouse, awaiting passangers for transport to ATS’s Starbright Station.

If the shuttle is not present when you arrive, a convenient call box has been provided. Just press the button to call the shuttle to your location.

The trip takes about 6 minutes one way.

Apollo Trading and Salvage Ltd. (ATS) provides trade, salvage, and, through its subsidiary, Independent Mining, mining services. Headquartered on Orpheus, they has bases on and in orbit around Nova Gaia.

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