Engineering Expo In Full Swing

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The Botany Bay Engineering Expo is in full Swing. Engineers from across the verse are displaying their wares on the colony’s East Landing Field.  Traffic has been heavy as citizens and visitors flock to the Expo to get a first hand look at the cutting edge technology, and rugged standbys on display.

Expo 1

The Expo on the East Landing Pad (E2) with the main colony behind. Shuttles, fighters and mecha from several companies on display.

Due to high demand for space, the expo grounds have been extended along the south access way, where the colony’s own GiaGen and Monkey’s Wrench have displayed some of their wares.

A flight Demonstration Day has been tentatively announced for Thursday. Aerospace engineers from several companies will be on hand to offer pilots a chance to take the controls of their vessels.  Schedule to be announced shortly.

Expo 2

The Expo Grounds at the East Landing Pad (E1). Technology from all over the verse is on display at the pair of landing pads, part of the East Landing Field complex.

Kahn Jubilynn seemed pleased at the Expo’s early success, ” As an engineer by trade, it is nice to see so many innovative designs on display, as well as people appreciating them”

expo 3

South Access Road, the overflow area for Exop Exhibits. Local companies GaiaGen and Monkey’s Wrench display some of their high demand items.

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