Engineering Expo

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The Colonial Authority announces an Engineering Expo and Trade show at the Botnay Bay Colony, Nova Gaia.  Running  Sept 24th to 30th , the show hosted at the Colony’s newly refurbished East Landing Pads will showcase technology and small craft from across the ‘verse.

Those wishing to display their latest cutting edge technology, or rugged standbys  should contact Khan Jubilynn’s Administrative Assistant Jamiee Daines

East ladning Field

Botany Bay’s Newly referbished East Landing Fields at Sunset, Nova Gaia. The landing platfroms will host the 2512 Fall Engineering Expo in the coming weeks.


Builders and Content Creators, come and show your abilities and builds off at a week long In character sci-fi expo. Builds are encouraged to be representative of the Sci-Fi world & should be limited to 32 prims and a reasonable size. Content creators may offer specific builds for sale, but mall type vendors are prohibited.

Entries are open to all members of the Botany Bay Community and their friends and guests. Exhibitors should contact sim management for land group tag prior to rezzing items to prevent autoreturn.

Expo commences on Monday the 24th.

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