Ranger Raid Through the Gate

<< Begin Transmission >>

Reports continue to circulate the Colony regarding the combined Ranger / Hengeyokai raid launched through the Astria Portia last evening.  During a normally busy  midevening trading session,  a Colonial Ranger Binary from the Fenris Dragoons Galaxy, led by the Hengeyokai Warrior known as Shekmet  entered the Gate Room and commandeered the Astria Portia,  delaying the scheduled Dialing to Mu Draconis.

Task Force with Prioner

Colonial Rangers escort the detained female from the Astria Portia to an undisclosed location somewhere within the proctorate while Shekmet oversee’s the teams return though the Gate.

Witnesses report that the task force dialed a previously unknown gate address, entering in tactical formation.  Seven minutes later, the group stepped out of the open Iris, dragging along a pale, alien captive.  Despite the heavy security,  a bystander was able to take the following holo of the returning warriors with their prize.

Analysts believe this direct action is a direct response to the recent attack on Kahn Jubilynn, which itself is still shrouded in mystery.   The captive was whisked away under heavy security, and the Gate was returned to normal operation shortly after, with a slightly higher level of security visible.

As the administration has not given an official statement, further details are unavailable at this time.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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