Help Wanted – Exploratory Away Teams

Colonial Administration Notice: Botany Bay

The Administration Seeks adventures and explores to staff Exploratory Away Teams (EATs).

EATs are being organized to explore worlds throughout the ‘verse via newly discovered Astria Portia (Star Gate) addresses.

Duties are designated ‘high risk’ due to the remote location of worlds.

Positions include:

Science and Engineering Experts to Include but not limited to:
Social Scientists
Linguists and Archeologists
Electro/Mechanical Engineers & Mechanics

Medical Personnel

Positions are also available for those with experience in defeating  Security Systems and object acquisition.

Applicants should possess some proof of ability or education though portfolio or reference. Ability to work as part of a team essential.

Compensation based on skill, experience and difficulty of assignment.

Opportunity to explore distant, possibly long forgotten worlds, and worlds cut off from the greater ‘verse.

Interested individuals should apply in person at Botany Bay Colony.

Notice Approved by:
Kahn Jubilynn Lane of the Hengeyokai

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