Battered and Bruised

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Rumors continue to circulate regarding the recent injuries administrator Jubilynn Lane suffered. While details seem to be in short supply, the facts are clear, that the Hengeyokai Kahn’s injuries are constant with some sort of close combat; a fact the administrator herself has not disputed in her limited comment.

Jubi Floating in the Tank

Kahn Jubilynn floating in the Bacta Sleep Tank in the CRASH Medical Bay. Her injuries reportely are consistant with intense close combat.

The administration’s brief official statement reads ” The Kahn’s duties include defense of the colony from all threats, unlike leaders of other people, the Hengeyokai are expected to actively participate in the defense of their colonies, the Khan’s injuries are the result of such duties.”

When pressed for details, as to the manner of this defense, the Administration spokesperson cited the long standing policy of not commenting on specific colony security issues.

It seems the lack of information isn’t limited to the public, as frustration within RAM, the colony’s police/security force has been observed by several long time colonists. Why the administration is withholding information from their own security detail is puzzling, though events immediately following Kahn Jubilynn’s injures may shed some light on the matter.

Two Colonial Ranger Corvette arrived in system while the Khan was attending the weekly council meeting on Al Raqis.  While deployment of Rangers at Botany Bay is not new, the sudden arrival of two warships so closely tied to the reported incident seems to indicate the Hengeyokai consider the matter an ‘external’ matter, or one not specific to the Botany Bay Colony.

For her part, the Kahn has been tight lipped commenting in her often light hearted way, ” its worse than it looks, you should see the other guy.”  Indeed,  the other guy is exactly who many colonists wish to see. If and when the Administration will shed more light on the event, remains to be seen.

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