Colony Grows, Library Opens

<Start Transmission>

The engineering crews have been busy throughout the Nova Gaia System. The administration is proud to announce the newest round of CIP projects to be completed. Visitors to the Botany Bay Colony have already found the new expanded Gate Room and welcome center as they arrive. The expanded facility streamlines the customs process for off world visitors and provides a wealth of information for first time visitors to the system.

Gate Room

The New Customs center at the Gate Room welcomes visitors to the Colony in a friendly efficent environment.

Travel to and from the many orbital platforms and vessels has been greatly improved with the opening of the new Beanstalk terminal at the colony’s North West sector.  The expanded terminal centralizes the uplink and downlink terminals for the Beanstalk system for all orbital locations. While the Beanstalk technology may seem ‘old school’ to the many races using matter to energy transporters, the advanced maglev technology uses far less technology, and is far less prone to the myriad of issues converting matter to energy and back has shown to have.

Beanstalk Terminal

The New Beanstalk Terminal at the South West corner of the Colony provides secure transport to the many orbiting vessels and platforms.

The first operational uplink from the new terminal was activated to the High Port, which has also undergone a systems refresh. Boosted to a new orbit to allow for a greater ease of approach and departure control, High Port is serving the cargo transfer needs of dozens of vessels daily, from ports throughout the known verse.

Highprot and Vessels

Highport boosted to its new orbit is busy serving cargo vessels from Dozzens of systems. The new location provides easier access to the approach and depature lanes for traders and visitors.

Last, but far from least, is the opening of the public archives and database, known locally as the “Library”.  Long a fixture at Botany Bay, the archive had been removed from public display and access since the exodus from Mu Draconis. Upon Kahn Jubilynn’s return from the Hengeyokai Grand Council Moot on Fenris, plans to reopen the Library were unveiled.

Archives Deck 2

The New Gleaming Gem of the Colony, a public Library and Archive located on Deck 2 West.

Kahn Jubilynn had this to say at the facility’s opening, “ The Hengeyokai have a long history of safeguarding  knowledge, it is my intent to share much of that, with those who would seek to use it to advance peace and understanding, and seek ways to return to the balance that was once common throughout the ‘verse”

The Library is located on Deck two West, and houses an extensive collection of rare books from throughout the verse, as well as access to the vast database the Hengeyokai have maintained. Access to restricted information and tomes is to be forwarded to the administration though IRIS.


Kahn Jubilynn testing the data interface inside the new public archive and Library. WIth a standard data pad (provided) visitors can access the vast database in their search for knoweldge, or partake of the rare treat of thumbing though a selection of actual books brought up from the ‘stacks’.

Rumors persist regarding the Kahn’s visit to Fenris, and the timing of the opening of the archives. Unconfirmed reports form the Clan Wolf capital indicate a rift between the clans, regarding the sharing of the archives with outsiders have circulated. The matter reportedly came to a Trial of Grievance, one which apparently was one by the Bastet, as Several such libraries are reportedly opening at key Hengeyokai colony’s throughout the verse.   As Botany Bay remains a jewel among the Hengeyokai worlds, the Library at Nova Gaia is likely to be a premier facility.

The Administration has also released restrictions on the  west cove of the colony. Long a restricted area while sensitive negations were conducted with the Merfolk natives of Nova Gaia, the West Cove is now home to the Colony’s fishing and tourist industries.  Supporting a small village of traditional fishermen practicing sustainable harvesting, the cove shelters the small fleet from the sometimes harsh weather of Nova Gaia’s extensive ocean.  The current CIP calls for the relocation of station Nautilus just off the main colony’s western coast. Nautilus caters to the many aquatic races which ply the stream, and will sever as a place where aquatics of all races and worlds can gather in comfort.

Botany Cove

Botany Cove, on the West side of the Colony’s Isle, home to the fishing village and extensive agriculture and recreation facilities.

< End Transmission >

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