Ta’Seti Marauder Captured – Hostilites Continue & Threats Issued

<< Begin Transmission >>

Hostilities continue on Mu Draconis as a surviving Ta’Seti Marauder who escaped the carnage of the battle in Evangeline was hunted down by a Star of Colonial Rangers from the Kell’s Hounds as well as local forces from the security firm KPS.

Alpha Star of the Hounds, along with the Cluster commander, Ilyanna Kell were visiting the world conducting a famalization patrol in vicinity of the landing pads when local forces sounded the alert that the Marauder, known as a ‘Templar’, was sighted and was engaging allied forces just outside the city.   The Ranger Star joined the pair of KPS operatives in pursuing the Templar across the desert finally brining him down an the edge of the Evangline desert.

Ta’Seti Templar downed by Colonial Rangers and KPS operatives, being packaged for transport aboard KPS Shuttle.

Commander Kell allowed KPS to take the gravely wounded Templar into their custody, before departing the world. This action marked the second combat deployment of the Rangers in the Mu Draconis system. It is widely reported that the Rangers are operating a Strategic Response Unit (SRU) out of the Ranger Station at Botany Bay. SRU’s operate as a type of Quick Reaction Force, projecting the Hengeyokai’s combat power in small focused areas with out maintaining a large garrison. This approach is made possible by the networked Astria Portia and access to the Slipstream the location of the Hengeyokai Colonies afford.

Hostilities have not been contained to the desert. in another, sprited, Laandsrat meeting,  Myrmidon Proconsul Tuscan Lectar directly threatened Hengeyokai Kahn Jubilynn Lane. The exchange, which occurred in executive session has been leaked centered around the Kahn’s objection to the Order’s continued threats leveled against the Laandstrat and the government officials of Mu Draconis:

<< Sic >>

Tuscan Lectar: wel do what o ucan.. if you need any help… if need be. *hesitates* we can ask a favor form oru Ta seti Freinds and I dont think no one want to see them *sligh smile*… however they are effective. in ahhhhhh extracting folks form Point a to point B.Magistrate….. Laandstradt. it ahs come to my attention….since this party ahs nto heard form hte magistrate as to her final decision.. or counterproposal. ……. your next Laandstarte meeting.  The Ta Seti are coming here.and I quote. albiet loosely translated in from their language. “…..since she cant use her biped motion to come to us. we wil go to here an settle this once and for all… ” unquote. So I gues next meeting will be of great interest to ….. the magistrate… and the future of… this planet. My lords. my ladies. I take my leave. <<  Pro Counsuel Raises and moves into the gallery  with out waiting for response from the Magistrate or other members of the council >>

Jubilynn Lane: ” yes we can send them packing again, ”

<< Proconsul stops, .. reenters the gated area >>

: *goes directlyt teh facce of teh House Hengeyokai*

Taharqa Pryxis (nikkerellian): you have tipp to and fro eith yoru words fo conflict and possible war.

Jubilynn Lane: as he closees ” A mint … would do you wonders

Joan Vhargon: Please have a seat Mr Pryxis!!

Jubilynn Lane: ” and some mannors boy ”

Jubilynn Lane: ” sit down ”

Taharqa Pryxis (nikkerellian): If this is what you want. we glady come to you rpalnet for such a visit if you really so desire Othewise speak softly and wait for better times. my lady..

Jubilynn Lane: ” I will fight you here , now , naked ” ” if it will settle the matter, ”

Joan Vhargon: looks around the room and sees that the guards are out due to the executive session.

Jubilynn Lane: ” now sit , like the magistrate said ”

Reiko Soyinka: We can do without the naked.

Taharqa Pryxis (nikkerellian): ….. I think hat is gains al convention of war….. to see you naked. …… I think we need to pay a visti to teh house Hegeyokai.. they need a taste fo reality.

<< sic >>  [[ Note – transcript edited for clarity not content, Warrant for :: REDACTED ::  being discussed and voted on during exchange  ]]

The exchange continues to underscore the Myridom’s Order’s alliance with the Ta’Seti. Their open threat of the Hengeyokai in the Halls of the Laandsrat only goes to highlight the desperation in the Myridom/Ta’Seti camp.  The Rangers further contributions to the Allied victory over the Ta’Seti Templar offer a stark counter point to the hollow threats of the Proconsul.

How Kahn Jubilynn will continue to address the issue remains to be seen. Reports are circulating in diplomatic circles that an embargo is being organized against the Pryxis system. Rumors are also circulating that the Order is actively recruiting mercenaries to bolster their Ta’seti’s allies forces should another armed confrontation occur.

When asked about the incident the Kahn had this to say, ” It is unforunate that some ‘great’ Houses seem to be a one beat band.  The Hengeyokai stand for the right of each house, and the people of Mu Draconis, to speak and be represented, with out the constant threat of violence from one, … limited … group of intrests. ” ,  ” I feel a great swell of pity for those who would seek to bring war to Hengeyokai worlds.”

<< Nothing Follows >>


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